Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Threat: Is Hungary's PM the Only One Who Understands?

I have written so much about this, that I must apologize for doing so again.

The so-called "refugee" crisis in Europe is more than alarming. It, of course, is much more than a "refugee" crisis. All across the Old Continent we are seeing massive flouting of law and order as thousands, tens-of-thousands, maybe more, of so-called refugees flood into Europe and then slosh about from one country to another looking for the best deal. The UK has become a particular target as "refugees" try to make their way to Britain's generous public benefits. Recall that in a fit of Euro madness the leadership of the UK, traditionally the sole repository of common sense and hard-eyed realism in Europe, agreed enthusiastically with the construction of the absurd Chunnel, putting thereby an end to one of the country's historic defenses, the sea. What would Drake and Nelson have to say about that?

That Chunnel has become, as one very non-PC English friend told me some years ago in a bar in Sri Lanka, "France's garbage disposal." The issue, however, goes beyond the Chunnel. The "refugees" or "migrants" arrive by the thousands every day at Heathrow and quickly claim their benefits--all in line with deranged leftist Labour's deliberate plan to change the nation's demographic composition. As almost anybody who has visited London recently can tell you, that most wonderful of cities is now not so wonderful, and has lost its Englishness.

As noted, not just the UK is under threat, but the whole continent. One of the few European voices of sanity comes from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (here, here) He has identified the issue with clarity, so, therefore and of course, he is being called right-wing, nationalist, and--wait for it--fascist. Orban has written that,
We must acknowledge that the European Union’s misguided immigration policy is responsible for this situation. . . . We shouldn’t forget that the people who are coming here grew up in a different religion and represent a completely different culture. Most are not Christian, but Muslim... That is an important question, because Europe and European culture have Christian roots . . .
Of course, the progressives are in a fit over Orban. One "expert" cited in the Washington Post, notes that Orban is a hypocrite in his concern over the Christian roots of Europe because,
It is ironic that the man who wants to save Europe's Christian identity used to have no Christian identity himself. "Once an atheist, he now upholds religion as the nation’s backbone," Hungary expert Charles Gati observed in an op-ed last year. Hungary used to belong the Soviet bloc before the fall of the Berlin Wall: Its communist regime tried to restrict all religious tendencies and to create an atheistic society. So, like many of his countrymen, Orban was educated as an atheist.
What an idiotic thing to say. What choice did young Orban have as to his education in progressive Communist Hungary? He, subsequently, has discovered perhaps that the old Commies might have been wrong?  How about dealing with the real issue, to wit, the threat to Western civilization posed by a massive influx of people holding an ideology, i.e., totalitarian Islam, that hates Western civilization? Not hard to grasp.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Yet Another Trump Post

Yes, another piece on Trump.

He continues to draw my interest; better said, I am drawn to how he has tapped into an anger, resentment, and deep concern over the state of the nation that others have either ignored, e.g., Jeb Bush, or have not been able to exploit as well, e.g., Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio. I have noted before that the sneering class of critics might compare Trump to Father Coughlin or Huey Long, but that won't slow him down. What might slow him down is that over the course of our absurdly long presidential campaign people tire of his routine, of his jokes, of his one-line rebuttals, of constantly having to defend some outlandish statement or stunt. That can get old after a time, and he could find his support drifting, and find himself pulled into a disastrous third party run. Disaster, why? Simple. It would guarantee the Dems the White House. You can say what you want about RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), but--OMG as the kids would say--look at what the Dems are proposing! Could this nation survive as a recognizable entity with four or eight more years of the Dems CIABN (Communism in All but Name)? Would not Romney or even, gulp, McCain have been better for this country and the West than the current calamity in chief?

Soon, maybe not right now, but soon, Trump has to reach out to the establishment and its policy wonks. He doesn't have to kiss their behinds or become beholden to them. He, however, in my humble opinion, needs to establish--as did Reagan--that he is a serious thinker, and that he has a vision of how the world should be and how to get there. He needs to make a couple of serious well-structured speeches laying out that vision: at least one major social-economic address, and one major foreign policy speech. How will he turn this economy around? How will he work to give the disappearing middle class and small business owner a break? How will he deal with the unprecedented growth of government in size and reach? How will he bring us back to the principles that made America a great nation? How will he deal with Russia, China, Iran, ISIS, immigration, drugs, and other transnational issues? As I said, it has to be a serious effort, it does not have to be one that the MSM or other purveyors of conventional faux-wisom will like or approve. It has to be a real effort to establish Trump as, to quote the Coen brothers, a Serious Man.

If he doesn't do that, the sniping and snearing and derision will eventually take a toll. Mark my words. And, again, I do not want to live my remaining years in a country run by and into the ground by the likes of the Three Stooges of the Apocalypse, Hillary, Joe, and Bernie--with Elizabeth Warren as Shemp.

Hey, this is free, so don't feel ripped off . . .

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trump Marches On . . .

Some weekend thoughts.

There's a whole slew of presidential election polls out there, and you can believe them or not at this early point in the horrifically long US election process. One, however, does not need formal polls to know that Donald Trump has had and is having a great and unforeseen impact on American politics. In my little world in a corner of semi-rural California, I increasingly encounter people who, almost ashamed of themselves, say they "like" Trump, and, yes, they could vote for him. They admire his brashness, his, shall we say, talent at political jujitsu. The media and others hit him with their best shots, pointing out his "weaknesses,"and he turns those right around and makes the critics look foolish and out of touch. He has one of the oddest campaigns around--I doubt he has spent much at all--with little to no formal structure, for now, and built almost solely around Trump's celebrity status and his ability to draw the media's attention wherever he goes. The sophisticates, including the stale GOP establishment, can seek to label his pronouncements as a new nativism, perhaps try to paint him as a new Huey long, or even as a new Father Coughlin. Sure. Go ahead. It probably won't work. He has tapped into a great ignored anger and angst among the people who form the base of this nation.

Let me be blunt. I do not want a Democrat elected President in 2016. I would vote for ANY of the Republican candidates over ANY of the Democratic candidates. That said, my own personal jury is still out on whether Trump is the best candidate to ensure that the horrid Democratic party is denied the White House.

In addition, I just don't know what Trump genuinely believes. He, for now, doesn't seem to have any sort of well-developed plan beyond reading the headlines on the Drudge Report and feeding off of them. Could he work with Congress? Could he develop an administration with coherent policies? Is there more to Trump than just Trump? I don't know. He doesn't seem to have any deep knowledge of foreign affairs, certainly no understanding of the complexity of international trade--New import tariffs, really?--and his domestic policy seems all over the place, including calls for higher taxes on hedge fund managers--More taxes, really? I haven't seen any plans for cutting government waste and overreach, or for how to handle Russia, China, Iran, ISIS, etc.  But, no matter, the appeal of Trump is there.

As I said above, I want the Dems out of the White House. If Trump can do that, good. My concern, however, is whether Trump has the legs to make it all the way to November 2016. Will his schtick grow tiresome? If Trump is going to implode or explode, then I want him to do it now or very soon. If he self-destroys, I want him to do it while there is still time to get somebody else out there. Right now nobody else is getting a message or image through the Trump chaff. If, however, he does not blow up or collapse or run out of steam in the next six to eight months, or so, then I want him to go the distance.

Back to my cars and my dogs . . .

Ain't nobody touching this car . . .

Monday, August 24, 2015

What is Not Being Said About the European Train Incident

As have most other sentient beings in the Western world, I have followed with fascination the story of the foiled jihadi attack on a  European train. As we know, a Moroccan practitioner of the Religion of Peace boarded an Amsterdam-Paris high speed train armed with an AK, a pistol, and a knife, and with the intent of killing infidels and, presumably, earning his prescribed quota of dark-eyed virgins.

He picked the wrong train. A gang of infidels, four Americans and a Briton, frustrated the Maghrebi's plan for eternal bliss by disarming him, pummeling him into unconsciousness, and trussing him up like a Christmas (oops!) turkey.

This story says a lot about many things--not all being prominently discussed. We begin by noting the nationalities of those who bravely launched and executed the uprising against the Islamist wannabe killer: big, strong, young American men assisted by an elderly, wise-cracking, man of the world Brit. Central casting had to have a hand in this. Following in the footsteps of the heroic passengers on Flight 93, this Anglo-American squad refused to let the jihadi have his way. He would not kill those passengers on that train that day. That immediately raises a question. Why is it that Anglo-Americans are much more willing to take matters into their own hands? I'll leave that for the sociologists, but I am sure readers will have opinions. By the way, I am certain had there been Australians, Israelis, or Canadians on that train they would have joined the Maghrebi bash. I think that says a lot about where one might yet find the remnants of Western civilization.

I see the press is now full of stories re the need to review security measures on trains and buses, etc. As the Beatles would say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." While you're at it, let's look at security in casinos, shoe outlets, bingo parlors, linen stores, supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Lots of stories, too, about how the Spanish security services had flagged Mr. Morocco, noting he had gone off to Syria to do a spell with ISIS, and passed his name to the French, Dutch, Germans, etc. Cue the Beatles,"Yeah, yeah, yeah." OK, he was flagged. So? He had no trouble moving around Europe, and, ahem, despite Europe's draconian gun laws, obtaining an AK, a pistol, lots of ammo, and a knife, oh yes, and boarding a crowded international train with all this gear. I note, by the way, that he was apparently the only person armed on the train--some, such as me, might argue that a 99.9% "gun-free" zone is considerably more dangerous than a 50% "gun-free" zone.

Lots of issues here. The biggest one, of course, is being totally avoided. Shall we dare mention the elephant rampaging in the living room? Yes, by all means, let's. Why was Mr. Morocco in Europe? Why is Europe allowing itself to be flooded by a invasion of persons who adhere to a violent, totalitarian ideology, i.e. Islam? These persons detest everything about the West, ridicule its kindness and generosity as contemptible softness, and see us all as candidates for forcible conversion, enslavement, and death. Believing in the values of Western civilization does not mean signing a suicide note.

All the flagging, monitoring, metal detectors, peace marches, Coexist stickers, and "guns banned" signs will do nothing, or worse, as long as the adherents of the Religion of Peace are allowed almost unfettered entry into our countries and homes, and as long as we continue to accept the fiction that Islam is a religion just like any other. Short of our dealing with that, you better hope and pray that wherever you are there are brave Anglo-American men around who will fight and die for you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Here they are!

My garage full of gleaming, good ol' American steel!

And here . . . my own little Olds . . . with the Stang looming ominously in the background like a great black angry and jealous shark . . .

The two beautiful sisters arrived this morning; surviving quite nicely the 310 miles across the desert.

Now the fight begins with the bureaucracy.

Already had my first unpleasantness when the Auto club told me this morning that they could not do the paperwork on the Olds because the previous owner was an out-of-state car dealership; they could do the papers on the Cadillac because although I bought it at the same place as the Olds, the Caddy was listed as the personal property of the dealer. Who comes up with this stuff?!? What devious mind makes these convoluted rules? When did Rufus T. Firefly take over our lives?

Now I have to go stand in line for hours at the DMV with all the illegal aliens freely getting their drivers' licenses, California ids, and voter registration.

It is easier to kill an unborn child in California than to register a classic car . .  .

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Time to Do the Decent Thing, for Once

Full Disclosure:  I have met her both in her roles as FLOTUS and as SecState. I worked for her, and as a career Foreign Service professional did my best to implement her policies, such as they were. I would never in a million years vote for Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States. End of FD

It is time for Hillary Clinton to depart the political scene. She, her husband, and Princess Chelsea of Manhattan should go away, reappearing perhaps every twenty-five or thirty years in some "Where Are They Now?" piece.

Innocent until proven guilty, yes, yes, yes. That does not mean, however, that a reasonably intelligent and observant person and follower of things political and social cannot have a well-based opinion on Clinton. I, for one, am firmly convinced that Hillary Clinton is guilty of serious crimes of various types. There, furthermore, is no doubt, and no court verdict is needed, that she stands convicted of being a habitual liar. Her public record is strewn with her lies and embellishments. There, likewise, can be no doubt that she is severely ethically challenged, once again, as her public record shows. She is a woman of no achievements for America as Arkansas First Lady, as US First Lady, as Senator from New York, and, most infamously, as Secretary of State. As SecState, of course, she proved a monumental disaster, helping Obama make America and the West weaker and our enemies stronger. Throughout her adult life, she has surrounded herself with some of the most despicable toadies imaginable: people who care nothing about anything except how to use their Hillary connection to grab a slice of that money and power pie.

She is a divisive, hollow, incompetent, money-grubbing, political hack with nothing to offer this country. I am sure she can wrangle a pardon from His Most Exalted Emperor Barack to avoid prison time. She should use whatever influence she has with the Emperor to get such a deal and just go away.

Please, Mrs. Clinton, for once, do the decent thing: leave us be.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Quick Note on Hillary's Emails

I haven't commented much on this topic because I don't want to give the impression that I have some sort of insider knowledge about how SecState Clinton handled her classified communications. I don't. I never sent her a message directly, and treated only with her staff. I met her on several occasions and sat in meetings with her, but never exchanged emails with her.

That said, I am troubled by what is clearly a big lie coming out from her and her defenders. While sitting in my Vegas hotel last night, I was watching some Democrat operative or another on CNN (I think)--can't remember his name. He was saying something I am also seeing the Hillary troll force write on social media boards. Just to remind, we have reports coming out from intel IGs and DOJ that it seems that some of Hillary's emails contained--despite repeated denials--highly classified information and were sent through her off-the-books home server maintained by a company, reportedly, with a shady past.  We see her stooges claim that Clinton never sent any email labelled Top Secret/SCI. OK. Folks, please, that ain't the point. Of course she didn't send any email with that label on it. Nobody is saying she ran exact copies of State, NSA, CIA, DIA, etc., cables through her server. The accusation, and it seems to have validity, is that she DISCUSSED TS/SCI and other classified material over this unsecure, off-the-books server, AND discussed it with persons not cleared for it. That, my friends, is indeed against the law and punishable by jail.

Hillary Clinton is a liar who does not think the laws apply to her. If I had handled classified information at State the way she did, I would be in jail. Now we will see how our highly politicized DOJ handles the issue.