Friday, July 29, 2016

And It's On! Surprise! Hillary is the Nominee!

Like the old Colombo TV show, where the viewer saw the crime and the criminal at the beginning, and the rest of the show involved the process by which clever Lt. Colombo attained the knowledge we all had, so it was with the Democratic nomination process. We all knew who the criminal nominee of the party would be, and the show was about the maneuvers and dirty tricks by which the DNC ensured it would be Hillary Clinton. Well, the finale was last night, and--Surprise!--Hillary Clinton is the nominee. The hapless Bernie Sanders was relegated in his dotage to obscurity, sent off like a disgraced Don Quixote, lance broken on the DNC's steel-reinforced windmills.

I watched much of the DNC convention, not all, and herewith present some observations to add the punditry noise. Ignore it. Go on with your lives. There is nothing to see here!

We, as noted, got Hillary Clinton.

A general observation: Lot of lefty weirdness on view at the DNC convention. The final night, of course, the Dems tried to overcome the lack of patriotism manifest throughout the first three nights by flooding the arena with American flags. Didn't work. Poor Leon Panetta, a leftover from the old party which still had some semblance of love of country, found that out. He got hooted for calling for the defeat of the terrorists. That's all you need to know about the modern Democratic Party.

OK, then we had the execrable Chelsea Clinton. I know, I know, the standard wisdom is not to attack candidates' kids. Sorry, but she's an adult, and has put herself out there in the arena, so . . . Is this woman on Xanax? What was that speech-style she adopted? Sounded as if she had received diction lessons from Robbie the Robot or Siri. What a phony. She has vast wealth thanks to her corrupt parents, lives in a $10 million condo in Manhattan--yes, just like other young people--and has a somewhat shady hedge-fund manager husband. She launched a highly scripted and completely inauthentic paean to her corrupt mother, trying to make life in the dysfunctional crime- and scandal-ridden Clinton household seem normal. OK, enough of that.

Hillary's speech. Look, I am biased against her, but have to recognize that she gave a good solid progressive-light speech. Lots of extravagant promises about social justice and inequality and, and . . . it almost made one forget that the Dems have been in power for years and all the problems she outlined have only gotten worse. She had the usual lefty nonsense about guns and racism and, and . . the usual. She seemed to forget that men also exist in America. I noticed her little stunt whereby she altered the standard phrase "Founding Fathers" to just Founders. Constant effort to erase men from American life.

The whole woman schtick is tiresome. Other countries do not make a big deal about this. There have been lots of women politicians and national leaders, some excellent--e.g., Queen Elizabeth, Thatcher, Meir--others disasters--e.g., Ghandi, Merkel, Gillard, Bandaranaike--and most just forgettable or inconsequential--just like most male leaders. This is not a big deal.

I thought her foreign policy stuff was OK. It was standard, inside-the-beltway, American foreign policy prescriptions. Not bad . . . except for one thing, one little thing . . . the person giving the speech. She almost completely ignored her own time as SecState. Her foreign policy was a disaster. I have discussed that disaster in detail many times and won't repeat, but she has an arguably unequaled record of failure. She, of course, did not mention her ambiguous role--at best--in the Benghazi disaster, nor, of course, did she mention her disregard for national secrets. She was a failure with Russia, Latin America, the Middle East, China, terrorism, and, and, and . . . . Not a word about how she and her boss have made the world a much more dangerous place than it was eight years ago.

One has to keep asking Hillary, "When YOU had the power, what did YOU do?" Not much, well at least not much positive for America.

I am going to the gun range. My oldest son is in town and I have promised him a second amendment day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Left Discovers Russia

I have written quite a bit about Russia (the Diplomad archives will so reveal). Back when I was somebody doing something useful, I dealt a lot with the Russians when they were under their USSR disguise. I respect and admire Russia and Russians. As somebody pulling for America, I don't always like what they do on the international stage, but they are smart, tough, practical patriots who live and die for Russia and want to see their country as a great power. As a country also a great power, we Americans can and should deal with that in a smart, tough, practical way. One of the greatest blunders  the West made after the collapse of the USSR was how we treated Russia. There was a palpable condescension, and even disdain for Russia. We treated them as though they would always remain a collapsed joke of a country, full of gangsters and prostitutes; Hollywood, of course, made "Russian" synonymous with "Villain," and regaled us with films about Russian/Serbian terrorists posing an existential threat to our nation. They, of course, could not get this worked up about the previous Soviet threat, but that's another topic.

During the election campaign of 2012, Governor Romney recognized that Russia had recovered considerably from the collapse of the USSR. He noted that Russia had become our number one geo-political foe. Well! You'd have thought he said FDR was not the greatest president since the beginning of time! The snickers and derision from the left were quite something. Obama, of course, uttered his incredibly clever riposte, "The 1980s are calling; they want their foreign policy back." So clever!

How the blini flips, eh?

We now see the Hillary campaign and its media echo chamber up in arms over supposed Russian hacking of the DNC servers and the subsequent release of some 19,000 emails by WikiLeaks which show the DNC, to say the least, in a highly unfavorable light. So bad, in fact, that the despicable Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair and Clinton Crime Family confidant, had to resign her post and flee the Democratic Party convention with jeers and boos ringing in her ears. It's Putin's fault! He is in alliance with Trump! The party that denied the existential threat from the USSR and its espionage, now sees Slavs under every slab.

Trump, of course, knows how to rub it in. He just gave a press conference in Doral, Florida (Full disclosure: I own two condos there; hope Trump makes the value go up) in which he, brilliantly, stole the limelight that normally would have gone to Bill Clinton in the wake of his bloated, silly speech last night at the convention. Trump is willing to face the press, unlike Hillary Clinton. Trump, of course, makes headlines. He made, what I took to be a joke, a "plea" to Russia to find Hillary's missing 30,000 emails. OMG! The progressives have gone mad! Look it up. The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, etc., not to mention the broadcast networks and the other donkey kissers, have gone full pecksniffian. We see them full of patriotic outrage over Trump calling for a foreign country to hack Hillary Clinton's emails!

First, of course, Trump was making a joke--and one can argue over whether politicians should make jokes, but that's what it was. Second, Hillary no longer has that "private server/servers," and it/they presumably sits/sit in some dusty FBI lock-up. Trump was kidding the Russians by saying if you hacked her server arrangement, then do us a favor and send us the missing 30,000 emails. It was NOT a call for hacking by the Russians.

On Russia. Trump is right.

There is no reason for inevitably bad relations with Moscow. Trump is right that NATO is a joke, at least the way it is presently organized and funded. We need to rethink NATO and come up with a new security alliance that includes, yes--horrors!--Russia. Yes, Russia should be our ally. Let's be blunt. There's nothing wrong with having this large powerful Christian (Oops! Said the "C" word) country with a skillful military and world class intel service on our side when fighting the 1400-year war with Islam. The Russians understand invasions and the threat from Islam pretty well.

Meanwhile, of course, the progs will scream about their own patriotism and promote the liars of Black Lives Matter . . .

Monday, July 25, 2016

Snapshots of the Present Condition

A mishmash of stuff. So much is going on that . . . well, here are some snapshots I have taken.

Bernie in Philadelphia. Wow! I guess Bernie's little lemmings have discovered the edge of the cliff! Their fearless leader? Is he going off the edge? Nah. He has been helicoptered off to Goldman-Sachsland by the Clinton Crime Family. Bernie's safe! He will be living in witness protection in the woods in Vermont in a very nice cabin provided by the CCF.

Moscow is leaking the DNC emails to hurt Hillary? Hmmmm . .  . I guess Moscow is just paying back Bernie for his 55 years of loyal service . . . .

Funny, ain't it. The Sandersnistas get more worked up over the leaked DNC emails than they do over the CCF use of a private server through which they were running national secrets. Could it be that Bernie doesn't care a bit for US national security? A hardcore Marxist not concerned about US national security? Who's ever heard of such a thing?

The DNC, the party that is against barriers and building bridges, has put miles of fencing and armed guards around its convention site.

The DNC, the champions of identity politics and finders of bias everywhere, are shown to use antisemitism when needed. Stupid American Jews are you paying attention? Wake up.

SecState John Kerry has just told us that air conditioning is as dangerous as ISIS. Will the DNC shut off its a/c in Philadelphia? If not, I am living cool . . .  .

Hillary spoke to the VFW. Not very impressive. Everything she said is undermined by her record. Just keep asking her, "When YOU had the power, what did YOU do?"

Hillary complains about a double standard in ethics and justice . . . . insert your own joke here, it's just too easy . . . .

Hillary says The Donald doesn't value or respect NATO. This from a SecState who presided over the death of NATO, acquiesced in the gutting of our military, fomented the destruction of what stability existed in the Middle East, helped Iran go nuke, and has turned a blind eye to the rise of Islamic terror. NATO is dead; one of its key members, Turkey, has been taken over by Islamism. The progressives killed NATO. Trump had the guts to say so.

Off to play with my dogs.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Imbecile on the Throne; Day at the Range


Yes, imbecile. That wonderful word, "imbecile," was the one that came into mind as I watched the press conference in which President Obama reacted to the butchery in Bavaria. At a moment when the world was, again, recoiling in horror over another mass killing (yes, by a practitioner of the Religion of Peace), Obama, almost incredibly, managed to make it about himself. He had his trademark aloofness, careful, slow-paced deliberate pronunciation, his phony "don't panic" demeanor PLUS a joke, yes, a joke, about his daughter leaving home for college, seemingly equating his "pain" at seeing his daughter leave the nest with the genuine pain felt by the families of the Munich victims.


If we assume Obama's not cheering for the other side--a big assumption--then we must conclude that this President is the most tone-deaf, self-absorbed, clueless wreck of a man ever to hold the office.

Or, maybe he's just an imbecile.

Turning to something more pleasant than Obama, I would note that yesterday was Saturday. It was a spectacularly beautiful Saturday with the sort of bright sunshine that almost makes it worthwhile to live in California.

I loaded up the truck with a few guns--Kimber .45, Colt 1911, and the just purchased S&W 686--and a few boxes of ammo. My son and I drove down to Temecula to pick up his gun, and start the paperwork and the ten-day clock on the Remington 870 I had ordered a few days ago from Faith Armory. We planned to collect his new S&W and then head for a gun range in Oceanside. The very nice people at Faith, however, clued us into a gun range down in Poway which they said was spectacular. I can never pass up on "spectacular" gun ranges--some of the best I ever saw were in Guatemala--and so we headed off to Poway.

The folks at Faith weren't kidding. The Poway Weapons and Gear Range lived up to the billing. We walked through the doors and were instantly transported to some place far, far away from nanny progressive state California--a temple to the Second Amendment. Lots of very nice people buying, selling, carrying, and, ABOVE ALL, talking guns. Heaven. I instantly became a member of the club.

We were given our lane assignments in a well-maintained and tightly supervised high-tech range, and proceeded to blast away. My son proved very adept with his new 9mm; I was impressed by how well he shot it straight out of the box. His girlfriend didn't do badly at all, either, considering this was her first time shooting. By the way, every woman should know how to do three things: jump start a car, change a tire, and shoot a gun. There, my advice for a healthy life. You're welcome.

I hadn't shot in some time and--alas!--it showed. I had reverted to my bad old custom of grouping high and left. By the end of the day, I had corrected it somewhat, but still . . . sigh . . . age.

The 686 was a lot of fun to shoot. I love revolvers; there is something old school, regal and reliable about them. I, however, also enjoyed the two .45s. There is nothing quite like the bark of the .45 round. The Kimber, by the way, is an exceptionally accurate piece of hardware; its only drawback is that it's made in New York. They really should move to some place more Second Amendment friendly.

Anyhow, a good day, and one which got me away from watching the news shows, and the imbeciles who star in them.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

GOP Convention: A Few Thoughts

I wasn't going to write about the party conventions since there is already so much coverage. That said, however, I am going to write a brief post about the GOP convention so far.

I think a lot of the speeches were, frankly, excellent. And mind you, I am not generally a fan of American political speeches. They are generally overwritten, overwrought, and overloud. Our politicians have lost the ability to give interesting speeches or to engage in non-scripted debate. There are a few exceptions: Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Newt Gingrich, and Allen West are names of living politicians that come to my mind first as those still possessed of the gift of the gab. There are others, of course, but in general it is a lost art. Oh, yes, there's one more, Ted Cruz--more on that to follow.

I thought that VP candidate, Indiana governor Mike Spence gave an excellent address: modest, self-deprecating, folksy, in a genuine way not in a Hillary way, witty, and well-delievered. He provided some sharp analysis of the current mess we are in and, I think, made a good case for voting Trump and not Hillary. This seemed a superb introduction for most of America to Pence. Mission accomplished.

Other speakers of note were Sheriff Clarke, Patricia Smith, the Trump boys, and Newt Gingrich who had the tough job of following Ted Cruz's speech. I thought that Chris Christie's speech was great, and would have made a good Diplomad post, but, in the end, I don't know if it didn't come off as a bit over the top and am not sure how it played with the undecided. But, it's the speech I would have delivered had I been invited to speak . . .

OK, Ted Cruz. I have long admired Ted Cruz and thought that he would eventually have a good shot at being president. He is extremely smart, well-read, articulate, a fierce debater, and a genuinely great orator. His July 20 address to the GOP convention was a very fine piece of writing and delivery. I have no doubt that he wrote it himself. He had some stirring passages about protecting freedom, and the cost that some pay to protect our freedoms. He had some excellent swipes at the power-mad Obama-Clinton school of thought. It, however, was an exercise in extreme narcissism and self promotion that will, I think, prove as fatal to him as the defective torpedo that the USS Tang fired on its fifth and last war patrol in the Pacific. I don't know what target exactly the Cruz missile sought to hit, but I think it circled back and got him.

At a minimum, it was, indeed, a classless act, as the RNC labelled it. In that address, of course, Cruz declined to endorse Trump for president. It seems that Trump had read the speech ahead of time, but decided to let Cruz deliver it. That is either an act of great generosity by Trump, giving the lie to those who see him as an authoritarian bully, or a decision to follow the dictate attributed to Napoleon, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

That is all for now.

Please note that none of this post was lifted from any speech by Michelle Obama.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Obama World: Spinning, Spinning, Spinning Out of Control

The destruction of the West continues apace.

On today's world scene, Islam is the world's second greatest mass murderer and oppressor, not just because of the gruesome terrorist acts it commits all over the world, but because of the way it deals on a daily basis with the hundreds of millions of humans, perhaps 1.6 billion, it holds in its sway. Islam's world is one in which intellectual pursuits are discouraged; independent thought suppressed; tolerance, peace, and compassion rejected; women treated like sick cattle; and nonbelievers as worthy only for conversion, enslavement, or death. That said, however, Islam, like the old rent-a-car slogan about being number two, needs to try harder if it wants the number one spot.

No, Islam is not the greatest threat to Western civilization and lives. The number one spot is held by progressivism, or as it is often mistakenly called in the USA, "liberalism." I noted back in April 2013, that when dealing with liberalism, one should remember,
"Liberals love humanity and hate people." Oh, and by the way, liberals will get you killed. Yes, killed. Modern liberalism kills people, and does so by the millions, all in the name of humanity, of course. It should have a warning label that asks you not to practice liberalism at home, or something along the lines of "I am a trained professional, do not attempt liberalism on your own."

Liberals hate all sorts of people but their special, most lethal hatred is reserved for the poor and the "uneducated." They kill the poor by the bushel, by the ton, by the hectare . . . they kill them at home and abroad. No poor person is safe from the lethal loving embrace of the liberals.
I have expanded further on that more recently after the Paris attacks of last November,
I see articles arguing over whether the attack is Al Qaeda or ISIS. Whether this attack is typical of this group or that one. I have said this so many times that I am reluctant to say it again. The issue is not Boko Haram, Hamas, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Jamyat Islamia, or any other terrorist band. The issue is not Islamist "extremism," or a nutty fringe of Islam. The threat we face comes from Islam and the progressive delusions that have allowed Islam to plant itself in our midsts and flourish, grow and operate with near impunity. My friends, as I have written many times (here, for example) progressivism will get you killed. Progressivism, also a totalitarian belief system, is clearly now the deadliest creed on the planet, and has formed a Molotov-Ribbentrop-type pact with Islam. 
Progressivism, above all, is about denying reality and promoting delusion. 
The cost of progressive delusions is seen every day. The people of Paris just paid that cost, yet again,
And, again, when dealing with Clinton's brand of progressive delusions,
Her whole poverty pandering schtick also stinks of progressive deceptions and delusions. She makes no mention, for example, of the progressive-encouraged destruction of the black family. She ignores that black Americans suffer higher levels of poverty because, unlike Jackie Robinson who features earlier in her speech, many have allowed themselves to become wards of the state, looking to the state to solve the problems created by being wards of the state. As noted above, other "races" which have avoided the loving embrace of government have done well. She, furthermore, seems going back to advocating the lunacy that helped create the financial collapse of 2007-08, forcing banks to make loans to unqualified applicants.
So, once again, we see in Nice, France, the murderous cost of progressive delusions. I bet that, like most of the people killed in London, New York, Boston, San Bernardino, Orlando, etc, most of those killed by the Muslim murderer in Nice were progressive sorts who would have been outraged by the politically incorrect view of Islam as a threat. The statements coming from world "leaders" would seem to show that, even after yet another example of Islam in action, our progressive overlords do not see Islam as a danger; they do not recognize the consequences of the progressive insistence on allowing the Muslim invasion to proceed.

In addition, here at home, our own "leader" cannot bring himself to condemn the wild children of progressivism who shout for the death of cops, and is then "surprised" when cops are killed--as they were today in Baton Rouge by a Black Muslim. As is the case with the other Muslim murderers, the progressives tell us that the cop killers of Dallas and Baton Rouge are just deranged, petty criminals, not "really" members or followers of Islam or Black Lives Matter, and that we should be cognizant that the misdeeds of white Christian society have created the feelings of resentment and revenge that lead to mass murder.

We just have to get used to the new "normal," one in which cops and children die for our sins.

Welcome to the Obama World of Distorting Mirrors, where nothing is quite as it seems.

It gets even better.

We, for example, get lectured by Corrupt Hillary, Obama, and Kerry that Trump is reckless and dangerous when he casts doubts about the utility of NATO. Muddled, intellectually dense tweets and press releases go out praising the value of that multinational alliance, and calling for an "intelligence surge" (whatever that is) as the way to fight radical terror. Meanwhile, of course, John "Xmas in Cambodia" Kerry is in Moscow basically surrendering NATO to the Russians, who have been mocking NATO ships and planes without mercy for the past months, much like the Chinese who are busy paving the South China Sea. Kerry implores, nay, begs the Russians to help in Syria by doing something undetermined that we cannot or will not do for ourselves--just as he begged for their help in getting the Iranians to sign the phony nuke deal.

Meanwhile, of course, the bottom has dropped out of the NATO ship: Muslim hordes sweep through major NATO cities, literally raping, murdering and pillaging almost at will, and a cornerstone of the alliance, Turkey, implodes in a confused blood-soaked coup, counter-coup, followed by an Islamist purge of secular Ataturkism. The leader of NATO, the United States, is nowhere to be seen except, as noted, in Moscow begging for help, attending vacuous conferences on "global challenges," on the golf course, or deep in meetings with race hustlers such as Al Sharpton.

NATO is dead, but Trump must not say it.

Spinning, spinning, spinning.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

How Much Blood, Mr. President, How Much Do You Need?

Nice, France, Bastille Day. As this is being written, a terrorist act has claimed the lives of some 73 persons and the injury of over 100. We await the pro forma statement from the White House about thoughts, prayers, standing with the people of France, pledging our support, yeah yeah, yeah. I doubt we will hear anything about the terrorist being a Muslim motivated by the Koran. I doubt we will even hear anything about motivated by a "perverted, extreme, radical form of Islam." Sure we will hear the mind-numbing yada-yada about extremism, not giving up our way of life, vowing to protect Muslims from the impending backlash, and, of course, not to give into fear and hatred, oh, and remember the Crusades and so on and on.

One more time: the basics.

As I have written a zillion times the war against Islam is a 1400-year-old one. Better said, Islam has been attacking the West for 1400 years. Once upon a time, the West fought back, and Islam was confined to dusty, forgotten corners of the world. That has changed thanks to oil money, technology, and, of course, insane Western immigration policies that have allowed Muslim boots on the ground in the West.

We get lectured, in the face of all the evidence to the contrary, that Islam is not violent; that the mass killers in the growing list of cities around the world, are not real Muslims; that Islam is a "Religion of Peace." OK, sure. I have noted many, many times (here, for example), that we are told,
"99% of Muslims" are not terrorists. Is that true? I don't know. From where does that number come? I don't know. Let's, however, go along with the gag. Let's assume it is accurate, and come up with our own equally valid "99%" statistics. Some samples follow; I am sure you can turn this into a drinking game--but not around Muslims because drinking offends them (unless they are Saudi diplomats in Islamabad). 
Did you know that, 
-- 99% of the Japanese did not attack Pearl Harbor?
-- 99% of the Nazis did not kill Jews or Gypsies, or invade Poland?
-- 99% of the Communists did not engage in Stalin's or Mao's purges?
-- 99% of the Germans killed in Dresden had never bombed England?
-- 99% of the Italians did not invade Ethiopia?
-- 99% of the Iranians did not occupy the US embassy in Teheran?
-- 99% of the Al Qaeda membership did not fly airplanes into the World Trade Center or the Pentagon? 
And so on, and on, and so what? What does that "99%" prove? Just one thing: There are consequences in the real world to belonging to organizations or following ideologies and leaders that commit atrocities. That's the way it works. If 99% of Muslims are not terrorists, and do not support terrorism (that's the big "if") where are they? 
Do we really need to go on?

President Obama, Islam is an existential threat to us and to our allies. Period. It seeks global domination. It will use openly military means, e.g., the ongoing battle in Syria and Iraq, guerrilla/terror means as we have seen on our own streets, and use our tolerance and belief in diversity against us.

You, the ostensible leader of the West, have failed miserably to identify the enemy and, of course, to develop a strategy, a total strategy not just a few bombing missions in Syria, to defeat this enemy. In fact, you have acted in a manner that makes many of us feel, wonder, and think if you're not rooting for the other side. You even go out of your way to encourage Middle Eastern Muslims to emigrate to the United States. Why?

How many more innocent people must die? It's Islam that is killing them.

President Obama you are a disgrace.