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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obama in the UK . . . Yawn . . .

Ok, he got out his teleprompter and spoke to the Parliament.

I found it to be a totally vacuous speech--compare it to Netanyahu's at the Congress, and you'll see what I mean. Lots of platitudes. Lots of words that he doesn't believe in.

Do you really think that he thinks the US-UK relationship is "indispensable?"  Has he acted that way throughout his presidency? No.  Does every American President have to make the same lame joke about the burning of the White House? Gets tiresome, particularly coming from a President who knows very little about American history.

Do you for a moment think he really believes what he said about Adam Smith? Has he acted as though he believes in the power of free enterprise? No.

Disappointing blah-blah from a disappointing President who doesn't have a clue what the world is like.

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  1. DiploMad, it's OT, but here's a link to a new naational anthem for the United States of Obamaland: