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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Road Trip

Heading off this morning to northern California in the trusty ol' Ford Expedition. I leave my quarters with the news of depressing presidential election polls and the corrupt Haridan's screech of tax-raising promises and vows to "invest" more money in progressive education echoing in my head.

Not good prospects for the future as we see the effects of the "soft" genocide being pursued by the left (more in a subsequent post).

I will try to stay away from the news as best I can over the next three or four days and just relax.


  1. Hey, if you are around Chico/Paradise and want a drink and a meal on me, let me know via the email. I'd be pleased to meet you.

    Gerard www. americandigest.org

  2. Have a replenishing trip Mr. Dip!
    We've many of your thoughtful
    posts to keep us occupied!
    Eat Well,get doggie bags for
    you know who, Stay Alert and
    Drive Safely!

  3. I drove to Portland two weeks ago. Took the dog. Had fun.

  4. My condolences on your visit to this depraved area.
    These are the people who still don't remove their 'Feel the Bern' stickers.... on purpose.

    - reader #1482

  5. Have a good trip with the excellent speech last night by Mr. Trump fresh in your mind. He is finally waking up.

  6. Lewis,

    If you're ever up in Tuolumne county stop by and we could go have lunch or something.
    Sonora, Ca

  7. The fat lady ain't sung yet.

  8. Please understand that the media and at least some polls are intentionally spinning to demoralize Republican voters. Buck up. I don't believe things are nearly as bleak they would like you to believe.

  9. A little music for your sojourn:
    James the Lesser

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