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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Democrats Resurrect Stalin and Beria

Sitting in my hotel room in Manhattan while the Diplowife and the Diplodaughter spend what's left in my bank account, I was reading a great CATO post from 2010, "The Criminalization of Almost Everything," and ran across this wonderful paragraph,
Alan Dershowitz discusses his time litigating cases in the old Soviet Union. He was always taken by the fact that they could prosecute anybody they wanted because some of the statutes were so vague. Dershowitz points out that this was a technique developed by Beria, the infamous sidekick of Stalin, who said, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” That really is something that has survived the Soviet Union and has arrived in the good old USA. “Show me the man,” says any federal prosecutor, “and I can show you the crime.”
Does this sound familiar?

It seems that anything the progs don't like should be considered a criminal offense.

How many of us could survive with our finances, reputation, and soul intact from an open, endless investigation by powerful agents of the state with unlimited resources and powers of coercion? Nobody, that's who.

On the Trump-Russia investigation, for example, please find the crime. None exists. All that we have is politically motivated speculation joined with politically motivated citing of politically motivated anonymous "sources" making increasingly outlandish and politically perfectly timed allegations.

When, however, we turn to actual crimes committed by the Democrat high and mighty, e.g., "Fast and Furious," unsecured servers used to transmit classified information, then, well, no such investigations or prosecutions are to be undertaken.

It seems, therefore, that it is the progressives who have come under the influence of Moscow and two of its most famous past denizens, Joseph Stalin and Lavrentiy Beria.

I think we need an investigation . . .


  1. Thanks for this post. I write from California where I heard Willie Brown laugh through an appearance on KCBS radio this morning from San Francisco that termed Democrat domination of the state as "a machine."

    I agree that the machine is active in California since Brown concluded the appearance the terming candidates for the party hierarchy among Democrats young or old, fresh or burned out are still right for the state.

    California led by Democrats: Neglect at Oroville Dam, consent decrees to run the prisons, settlements like those paid to Jaycee Dugard the long term kidnap, child molest victim falsely imprisoned by Philip Garrido and his wife in the back yard while on parole from state prison.

    Thanks again.

  2. Meanwhile, it appears likely Sid Blumenthal received a $35 million payment from a Russian company while he was working on Hillary's campaign. Hmmmm. Nothing to see here. . . .

    1. Blumenthal or Podesta ? Or both ?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I should have said Podesta. But both might be correct too.

  3. But, you know, free health care and all. Of course, you get better health care if you are favored by the office holder.

    "First, what is the best the socialists, in their writings, can offer us? What do the most optimistic of them say? That our subsistence will be guaranteed, while we work; that some of us, the best of us, may earn a surplus above what is actually necessary for our subsistence; and that surplus, like a good child, we may "keep to spend." We may not use it to better our condition, we may not, if a fisherman, buy another boat with it, if a farmer, another field ; we may not invest it, or use it productively ; but we can spend it like the good child, on candy — on something we consume, or waste it, or throw it away.

    "Could not the African slave do as much? In fact, is not this whole position exactly that of the negro slave? He, too, was guaranteed his sustenance; he, too, was allowed to keep and spend the extra money he made by working overtime; but he was not allowed to better his condition, to engage in trade, to invest it, to change his lot in life. Precisely what makes a slave is that he is allowed no use of productive capital to make wealth on his own account. The only difference is that under socialism, I may not be compelled to labor (I don't even know as to that — socialists differ on the point), actually compelled, by the lash, or any other force than hunger. And the only other difference is that the negro slave was under the orders of one man, while the subject of socialism will be under the orders of a committee of ward heelers. You will say, the slave could not choose his master, but we shall elect the ward politician. So we do now. Will that help much? Suppose the man with a grievance didn't vote for him?"

    --Socialism; a speech delivered in Faneuil hall, February 7th, 1903, by Frederic J. Stimson

  4. We don't need an investigation, we need a purge. Maybe even a trial right afterwards.

  5. Never-never ever get on the bad side of a federal prosecuter. Your life will effectively end. Unfortunately, words to live by in this day and age.

    1. Well, Sid, unfortunately, many law abiding citizens don't always get an opportunity to avoid such ambitious officers of the court. In fact, it seems the prosecution sometimes stacks the deck against those he/she chooses to give the treatment too.
      So, I'm wondering if you could offer specific ways or methods to mitigate the damage once a law abider has been swept into the 'bad side' of the dragnet?

      When I read those news stories where prosecuters such as Mike Nifong, Marilyn Mosby, James Comey et al seek to carve a notch on there gun, for votes or other political rewards, I don't see how those type of legal Beagles can really be avoided -- only fought, with every asset, personal or financial, at one's disposal! And there is where I think you might be pointing when you say, "Your life will effectively end".

      When thinking about life's struggles especially the psychological variety, usually, Viktor Frankl jumps into my mind. His story of survival in a Nazi concentration camp, impressed, and informed me as a student.

      I remember him saying that the important thing is to compartmentalize the problem so you don't become overwhelmed by it, and thus become defeated before the real long term battle even begins. I wonder if any of those Kids from Duke who's lives Nifong attempted to "end" wrote a book about their experiences?

      If so, that might be a good title to include on a modern reading list for those who are wrongly accused. And then, there's the "Trial" and angst of Kafka's Joseph K. Got any other suggestions, The Donald or others, not so well endowed, may find helpful or at least readable ;) My gosh time flies, I'm off watch~~~
      On Watch~~~

  6. I'm of course not a lawyer and I don't even pretend to be one on the Internet but, I'm given to understand Mr. Jonathon Turley is one:



    1. As Mark Steyn says, "The process is the punishment."

  7. ..."it is the progressives who have come under the influence of Moscow and two of its most famous past denizens, Joseph Stalin and Lavrentiy Beria."

    Ah yes! And how predictable that today's 'Rat Party commissars and thugs would choose to emulate that pair of murderous Soviet bastids! And, since brutal Communist history seems to repeat itself. We can expect that the Directors, of the current barrage of assaults on the Lives and Liberty of citizens, will also find themselves writhing on the floor in pain, poisoned, or begging for mercy, from goons, before a bullet between the eyes is delivered...

    Such is the righteous gift to mankind, for enduring the misery and suffering under the likes of Stalin & Beria! Therefore thanks are in order, for the small favors which fate delivers to Tyrants and Traitors. And remember too, the year '1953' as the year both of those mass murderers of innocents, received their just rewards for services rendered to their Party! Thanks for taking a moment to remind US, lest we forget, Mr. Diplomad.

    On Watch~~~
    "Let's Roll"

  8. With all that is happening now, I am beginning to re-think my condemnation of Richard Nixon. The Watergate "plumbers" were, after all, just trying to find the source of all the leaks in the Nixon White House. The Democrats and the MSM have a knack of making a sow's ear out of a silk purse ... and they're at it again. Maybe this time the American people will understand what is really going on ...

  9. These are the cult films that usually hit the top of the cut film list because they've become the red-haired stepchild in the history of cinema.