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Friday, July 20, 2018

President Putin: How to Get the Progs to Love You

Dear President Putin:

I know you are very busy these days trying to maintain Russia as a major power on the world stage. You had it pretty easy for most of the past decade, as your biggest "rival"--we're not really in the same league, but never mind--the USA, was governed by "pajama boys," at best, and maybe even active enemies of the USA. I wrote some time back (here, for example) about you,
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the Shining Shooting Tsar of Eurasia-- [is] arguably the smartest national leader in the world. Let me back up. "Smartest" might be the wrong word. Yes, it definitely is the wrong one. That word is too loosely defined and too easily pinned on too many. What makes Putin successful and such a formidable geopolitical foe (thank you, Mitt Romney) is not that he is just "smart," but that he is a throw-back to a different era. He hunts and fishes, and doesn't care about the political fashion and sensitivities of the day; pajama boy has no place in Putin's cage fighter universe. Despite his upbringing as a Communist, he is now devoutly religious and wants to see religion restored to Russian life. As the jihadis have discovered, they have in Putin a rival as ruthless and religiously committed as they, and not bound by the conventions of political correctness.
So you see, I have a lot of respect for you as an actor on the world stage, and am full of genuine admiration at how you could play a pretty weak hand so very well against opponents much stronger than you, well, on paper. I also wrote that, sorry, I was glad not to be in a world where Russia was the dominant power (here) and even gave advice to my leaders on how to deal with Russia's big power ambitions (here). I have written a lot more which I am sure your world class hackers can retrieve with no difficulty, or they can just Google the stuff. As you can see, I am not a big fan of what you're trying to do, but . . . well, the situation in my country has gotten so absurd I turn to you.

In November 2016, we elected a President who has been the toughest on Russia since, since . . . well, at least since the USSR became Russia. You know all the things that Trump has done better than I, and am quite certain this man was not whom you wanted in the White House. Your folks poured a lot of money into the Bill and Hillary Clinton Crime Family, and I am sure you feel a bit burned by that pointless investment. The losers of that election have tried to play political jiu-jitsu by claiming that their opponent was actually in your pocket and that we should ignore all the collusion between your people and Hillary. Our media and "Deep State," which respond to DNC dictates much as did the old Pravda to the Kremlin's, have gone full Orwell. Well, you know all about that. No need for me to spell it out for you.

You are not getting good press here. Good press is important in the USA and West. You're not getting it. The Progs who control the bulk of the media, old and new, don't like you for a variety of reasons having more to do with Prog delusions than anything real. Let me give you some advice which is inspired by Francisco Franco and Josip Broz Tito. There you had two authoritarian European dictators who did not hesitate to sentence enemies to prison and to death. They were very similar in many ways, but Tito knew how to handle the international Progs and Franco did not. Franco talked about the Church, fighting Communism, and crushing the Masons. Tito, as much if not more dictatorial than Franco, talked about the Non-Aligned Movement (he helped found it, in fact), being anti-imperialist, belonging to no side in the great battle of the Cold War, just in favor of peace, anti-colonialism, etc. All themes from Progdam. Tito knew, as I wrote here, for example, that Progs love the FAKE. They adore the FAKE. You can go to my piece, and you will see what I mean.

So President Putin, my advice for you is to go Full Fake!

Tito and Franco, for example, both wore colorful military uniforms with lots of Goering-style medals, but Tito had a snazzy Red Star on his cap. He would wear the uniform of a bloody military dictator but talk about peace, non-alignment, freeing the poor, etc. Not Franco, no, the fool was too honest for that. He just wanted to talk about crushing the Communists and the Masons. In the end, of course, Spain turned out to be a much better place to live than did Yugoslavia (RIP), but Franco (and Pinochet in Chile vs Castro in Cuba) would get no credit for that.

If you go Full Fake, then it will be OK for our President to meet you. Nobody will object. Get on MSNBC and decry the evils of imperialism in Africa and Latin America; quote Marx; talk about Frantz Fanon. You can do it. The Progs in the West will eat it up!

Regards to Sergei Lavrov and tell him I think of him often and of our days at the UN. Ask him if he remembers being trapped in a car with me in a Swiss park . . . a funny story that . . . please don't have him shot because of it . . .

Go Fake!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Solving Russia for the Progs: A New "Blue Division"

OK, OK. We are on prog/DNC/MSNBC/CNN meltdown in utter OUTRAGE! over Trump number 375 umptillion, give or take a billion. Yes, the President misspoke in his press conference with Putin; yes, he conflated, as do the progs, the issues of Russian meddling and Russian collusion.

It does not matter, I guess, that this "gaffe" comes nowhere near, not even in the same league, as non-gaffe statements by Democrats in the past. It does not rank with FDR giving away Eastern Europe to the Soviets; Truman's bungling of the Korean War; JFK's acquiescence to Soviet rule in Cuba and the Berlin Wall; LBJ's bungling of the Vietnam War; Bill Clinton's hash in Somalia; Hillary Clinton's "what difference does it make"; Obama's open mic, "after the election I will have more flexibility"; and, of course, Obama's tacit allowance of massive Russian and Chinese espionage ops against the USA; Obama's allowance of massive Mexican interference in our elections; Obama's "Fast and Furious" disaster, etc. The list is long.

Doesn't matter.

You see, you gotta understand, Trump's gaffe MEANS THE END OF THE WORLD! It is TREASON! TREASON! I tell you! OUTRAGE!

And that's where I come in. You see, it's NOT treason because we are not at war with Russia. We are currently in a stance that's about as close to war as you can get--no President has been tougher on Russia and Putin than Trump--but we're not at war.

But, but, my faithful six readers, your Diplomad has a solution so that we can accurately call any dealing with Russia an act of TREASON!

War! Well, sorta .  . .

Watching the fascist ANTIFA thugs in action made me think of Adolf Hitler and Francisco Franco. Once Franco took power in Madrid with Nazi help, Adolf Hitler began pressuring him to pay back German assistance with Spanish entry into WWII. At a minimum, Hitler wanted Spain to take Gibraltar or at least allow passage of German forces through Spain to do so. Franco kept stalling on Hitler's request for Spain to become an active belligerent. Cagey ol' Franco, you see, was never 100% certain that his pals Hitler and Mussolini would win the war. Franco, furthermore, had a lot of respect for the British Navy, and didn't want a redo of the Armada or Trafalgar. Franco, an ardent anti-Communist, was about as anti-Moscow as you could get--well, except maybe for Rachel Maddow--and was willing to help Germany against the USSR, but without unnecessarily antagonizing the British. His son-in-law, Foreign Minister Ramon Serrano Suñer, had the solution: Spanish "volunteers" to serve as a Spanish unit within the German Army against the USSR. As they used to say in the old days in Vegas, "Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!" Off the (mostly) "volunteers" went to fight and die in Russia in the "Blue Division," called that because of the bright blue shirts of their snazzy dress uniforms. Nearly 50,000 Spaniards--and some Portuguese--fought in Russia for a couple of years or so until Franco ordered them home when it became obvious that the Nazis had an appointment with the dustbin.

There you go! No charge. It seems the progs want a war with Russia; we, therefore, should give them the opportunity to put their snowflake bodies where their mouths now reside. Let's put together a prog division to go fight the Russians! Let's give them a war to call their own. We can even--BONUS!--keep Franco's original name for the outfit, in honor of how they vote and the result of their political ideology, to wit, Blue and Division.

Our Blue Boys, Gals, and Others could have their own uniforms, too. Maybe something based on the ANTIFA costume? A face mask might prove quite useful in the Russian winter. Footwear designed by the holders of the San Francisco Pride parade? High heels could be a bit slippery on the ice, but, hey, it's worth it to fight the Russkies. Weapons? Well the progs are anti-gun, so maybe some sustainably grown bamboo poles? The Spanish Blue Division had regiments named for major Spanish cities--Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla--and ours could do likewise: you know, Blue prog wonderlands such as Chicago, Baltimore, San Francsico, Detroit, Flint, Gary, and even Londonistan for the British volunteers who undoubtedly would join. The Brits could fly their Trump balloon just to let the Russians know exactly where they are located!

Let the progs have their own little war against Russia. MSNBC could imbed with the Blue warriors, and keep us informed on the progress of the progressive march on Moscow.

It's a win-win.

You're welcome, America.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Progs: Lovers of the Fake

Dear readers, have you ever seen so much FAKE? It is breathtaking in its all encompassing nature. The Fakeness is almost everywhere you care to look.

None of this is new to my five or six faithful readers. They know about the scourge of the Fake. The progs revel in it; in fact, the Fake is essential to the whole prog weltanschauung.  As the Beatles would say, "Nothing is real." Well, a couple are, and we'll mention them at the end.

First, let's do a casual walk through the Fake fields of progressivism and examine some of its most prominent fruits.

So hard to pick just a few, there are so many.

In no particular order:

Hate crimes: Almost non-existent in the real America, but not in the Hollywood version that runs through the heads of the typical progs. Nooses on black profs office doors? "N-word" written on dorm doors? Hijabs ripped off innocent girls by nasty white men? Racist notes left black wait staff by nasty white men? So many more of this variety of fake fruit . . . don't get too full on just this one, we got lots more;

Climate change: A biggie this one. So much to gorge on. Weather is not climate, except when it is! It's man-made permanent winter; it's man-made permanent summer; it's man-made drought; it's man-made flooding; it's man-made dearth of hurricanes; no, no it's more hurricanes than ever! No snow! More snow! Fewer sharks! More sharks! Pant. Pant. Please, please go on without me . . .

We now run into fake fruits one after another, too fast to categorize.

Putin-Trump collusion!

Army purging immigrants!

Migrant children ripped away from their "parents"!

Universities are rape farms! Must suspend due process!

The progs love fake NATO! The progs love fake health insurance! Fake borders! "Undocumented" migrants need a pathway to citizenship so they can vote! Citizenship should not be required to vote! Progs love fake African-Americans and fake Native Americans! The progs decree that "hispanics" are a race, except when they do something progs don't like then they are "white hispanics"! Let's have fake women! Let's have fake science say there are no genders! No, no let's have fake science say that there are millions of genders and that we can each choose one! Let's have fake trade deals that wipe out whole chunks of the American working and middle class, all in the name of Gaia and the poor!

Above all, let's have outrage 24/7/365!

A couple of things are not fake, however. The progs love power. All of these fake "crises" and "issues" require intervention by the state to resolve. Guess who controls most of the levers of state power? One guess. As I have written before about progressives and their "targets,"
The idea is to create turmoil, chaos; keep society and its institutions reeling from one punch to the next. The only solution to this turmoil? Why, naturally, more progressive government and regulation.
The other thing that is not fake is the hatred for Donald Trump. He's not fake. In fact, he relishes identifying the progs fakeness. He knows that as they now stand NATO, NAFTA, the EU, the Paris Climate Change Treaty, and the Iran Deal are all fake institutions and agreements meant to cover up the prog drive for power, the drive to disrupt the real world. Trump has the guts to say so. Unforgivable in prog world!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trump Heads to a Melting Europe

President Trump continues to dominate the media, both traditional and new. No other politician has done this so consistently and for so long. One cannot switch on the ol' tube, the even older radio, or engage in a little internet or social media surfing without seeing the Trumpian dominance. It's absolutely amazing.

Trump announced his pick for a new justice on the SCOTUS, a really rather uncontroversial one which the left is making into a controversy, and, once again, having a melt-down. Brett Kavanaugh seems like a perfectly qualified and experienced judge, certainly much more so than, say, Justice Sotomayor, a progressive darling who sits on the SCOTUS these days. But, of course, the fake outrage machine has been put into high gear, once again, assuring all who would listen and even those who do not, that, once again, the WORLD IS COMING TO AN END! Yawn. I am so tired of the END OF THE WORLD . . . I have seen this movie so many times. Anyhow, I hope the Republicans in the Senate and a couple of sane of Democrats--Surely, they must exist?--can rouse themselves to putting Kavenaugh on the SCOTUS quickly, and spare us all the drama. I know, too much to hope for . . .

Well, The Donald heads off for the Old World. It's an Old World witnessing a melt-down of the elites who have misgoverned that place since the end of WWII. The NATO meeting in Brussels is being attended by some key zombies of that elite. I refer, in the main, to Merkel and May. Both of these ladies are in severe political trouble, and facing an end to their careers thanks to messes of their own making. Merkel, of course, is the mother of the current invasion of Europe by Muslim and African "refugees" who have ripped apart what was left of the continent's social fabric and traditions. Her decision to admit over one million "refugees" has plunged Germany and the EU into an existential crisis with no easy end in sight. Merkel's days are numbered, let's just hope Germany's aren't, too.

Theresa May must be one of the most incompetent and clueless politicians on the scene. May has no business being the PM of a major country. She just can't get on the right side of history no matter how many times that side is pointed out to her. She insists on making a series of "own goals." She is a classic pro-EU drudge. When her own country rejected the EU in a referendum, which the elites opposed holding for years and years, May just didn't know what to do (see here and here for example). She could not understand how the ground had shifted. As I wrote back in April, 2016,
At the risk of being reprimanded and corrected by this blog's one or two British readers, I offer that the force driving the pro-Brexit movement is not solely or even mostly about economics, or finance, or currency exchange rates. It is about something much, much more important. It is about reclaiming the soul of Britain; preserving and restoring that which made Britain, notably England, one of the world's greatest countries, a nation of stunning consequence. It is about deciding whether the great British traditions and innovations that have made our modern world are worth saving or should be discarded . . . For me as an outsider, a person with zero British blood, and no family ties to the UK (although I do like British cheese), what's driving the anti-EU movement in Britain is the need to save the country, or what's left of it. Perhaps without the EU and its courts and mandates, British common sense can prevail, and the UK be saved, or at least England--and if the Scots want to stay in the EU, they should have another referendum and swap London's "rule" for that of Brussels, that'll teach 'em.
What's happening in the UK now re Brexit, is exactly what I wrote about here,
Literally within hours of the "Leave" victory in the Brexit referendum, the elite counterattack began. First, lots of stories in British and other media that, well, there is no rush to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty that would start the clock on the British exit from the EU, that Scotland--of course-- doesn't accept leaving the EU and would rather leave the United Kingdom (and tie itself to the mast of the sinking EU ship), and, of course, the ol' lefty/elite standby, my favorite, the people are too stupid to know what they want. Yeah, yeah . . .
In a similar vein, we saw a story in the Washington Post that claimed, "The British are frantically Googling what the E.U. is, hours after voting to leave it." Those poor, poor dumb Brits. After having run about half the world, founding the greatest countries on earth, creating modern democracy, saving the world from the Nazis, fighting the Communists and other assorted evil-mongers, and, by the way, having spent over four decades in the EU, the great unwashed British masses didn't know what the EU is when they voted on whether to leave it! Tsk! Tsk! Shame! Shame! The problem, of course, is, as is the case with so much progressive narrative these days, that story is false . . . The best most robust and thorough example of the sort of elitist thinking that has produced Brexit and Trump comes, once again, from the Washington Post. In an incredibly tone deaf, snobbish, and just plain wrong piece, a previously unknown guest columnist by the name of Emily Badger, tells us that, "Brexit is a reminder that some things just shouldn’t be decided by referendum."
In other words, the people got it wrong. May has never quite given that up, and has, at best, dragged her feet in getting the UK out of the EU. She has engaged in an absurd negotiating tactic with the EU, one in which she would have the UK leave the EU but remain subject to its rules and regulations--WHAT? Well, now her cabinet is melting, with Trump look alike Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, resigning with a Trumpian resignation letter signature ceremony.  May is going to NATO and later dealing one-on-one with Trump in London in a greatly weakened state. I doubt Trump will take her too seriously, no matter how many "baby Trump" blimps fill the UK skies.

On that blimp and the protests against Trump, a few parting words. What we are seeing, in essence, is the old "Ban the Bomb" folks back on the streets. They call themselves something like the "No War Coalition" but can't quite name the war they oppose, you know, the one that Trump started. He, of course, gets no credit for trying to end the Korean war and its nuclear threat, or for dismantling ISIS and its war machine. Dopey British actors, such as Mark Rylance, are involved in the protests which include some nonsense about abuse of migrants in the US, and which they assure us are being done for the benefit of people in America. Ah, the "elites." The last remaining comics left.

Trump will dominate. A safe prediction.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 4, 2018, or 242 with 45

Another USA birthday, number 242, is coming up. Do not pay attention to the prog news mongers of the MSM. Contrary to all the dire news they run and (mostly) invent, things for ol' Uncle Sam aren't going too badly at all. The old codger has shown he's got quite a bit of life and spirit left. If anybody doubted it, they should not: the USA is back, back from that slimy, dank dungeon into which the progs and their nominal leader Obama were dragging us.

As readers know, my usual state is one of cynical pessimism, but I am having to tweak that mood just a bit.  The Anglo-Saxon creation that began in the late 16th century is till going and growing in strength. As I would habitually do back when I was somebody (sorta, just sorta) and played host at 4th of July receptions in the Far Abroad, on this July 4, I once again express my thanks to England. We were exceedingly fortunate in that it was hardy, ill-tempered, no-nonsense, humorless, unpleasant, and straight-talking and straight-shooting Englishmen and their acolytes (Scots, Irish, Welsh) who undertook the Great Experiment in North America. Look around at the rest of the world where others established colonies and their non-English rule; compare the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to them, and decide where you'd rather live. The Anglosphere is the best--and this verdict comes from somebody with not a touch of British, much less English blood or heritage.

Happy July 4, America! Remember the date on which two sets of Englishmen decided to fight over who was truer to what it meant to be English, and the English won.

Now, we have some weirdness in our midsts, of that there is no doubt. We have let our universities, once the most amazing institutions of learning on earth, drift away from our proud roots and become nurseries (in all senses of the word) for some of the stupidest, most self-destructive thought and behavior imaginable.

If 90% of university professors were suddenly to stop going to work, would ordinary, decent people even notice? What if our kids could not study "Gender Studies"? What if they were not lectured non-stop about the patriarchy and the need to destroy it? What if they no longer heard non-stop, again, about the evils of Western (white) civilization? Would the engines of the economy shut down? Would rampant hunger and chaos break out? Would we be bereft of Starbucks baristas?

Let me take this opportunity to thank President Trump, ol' Number 45. Never in my life have I seen a person more equipped to be President. He was the right person at the right time, in fact, just in time. He has made the prog crazies show their craziness in its full Rainbow flag glory. Had Hillary become president, the craziness would have been there, but it would have been in power and much more stealthy. Thanks to Trump we have a chance to see, examine, and stop the insanity and save the country. I hope we take that shot. God bless the electoral college.

To the grill!

I also need to try out my brand new Ruger Mini-14 chambered in .223/5.56 Nato. A wickedly beautiful weapon which reminds me of my old M-1 carbine, but scarier.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Leftist Nationalist in Mexico? OK

Tomorrow is election day in Mexico.

For what they're worth, in a nation famous for making Chicago elections look like saintly affairs, the polls show Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) as the front-runner. We'll see if the powers that be allow an end to the PRI-PAN duopoly that has governed Mexico during the 21st century, and permit AMLO's coalition, led by his "Morena" party, to win. AMLO, a former moderately successful mayor of Mexico City, is running on a "Mexico First" platform, and promises to do all sorts of things about corruption, the drug war, local wages, protection of farmers, and vague promises about standing up to the USA. AMLO, of course, has run for President twice before, and, probably, got cheated out of the office, at least one of those times.

AMLO has said some extraordinarily stupid things during the campaign as he tries to look lefty and tough, including his call for the Mexican government to defend Mexican and Central American migrants to the USA, calling migration to the USA a basic human right (Note: No, no, it's not). To the extent that the notoriously provincial US media pay attention to Mexico's elections, those sort of comments seem to provoke that media into seeing AMLO's predicted victory as some sort of reaction to Donald Trump--you know, RESIST! Let me be the first to let our media overlords in on a little secret: Not everything that happens in the world is a negative reaction to Donald Trump. Beyond that, while AMLO seems running a leftist campaign, his track record in office is not really all that leftist for Latin America. He did, after all, hire Rudy Giuliani to help him devise an anti-crime program for Mexico City. He has a record of working with the private sector on infrastructure and has mixed views on NAFTA.

AMLO, for the information of our anti-Trump media, is one of the few Mexican politicians critical of Obama-Holder's outrageous "gun-walking" "Operation Fast and Furious" (about which I have written a great deal, here and here, for example) that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and, at least, two US federal agents. Obama and Holder, as readers know, conducted this criminal gun smuggling operation in an effort to blame US gun stores and gun laws for the violence in Mexico. While the US media ignored or lied about the scandal, AMLO actually focussed on it, and his outrage might, if he wins, lead to a severe curtailment of DEA and other US counter-drug operations in Mexico. So Obama leaves us another legacy. Main stream media, focus on that one.

I have spent a lot of time in Mexico both on vacation and in connection with my previous work for the State Department. I love Mexico City and its world-class museums, theaters, and restaurants. I love Mexico's history and encourage everybody to read up on it, especially the Mexican Revolution. The country right now, however, is not one in which I would spend any amount of time. It's a violent mess, perhaps at an almost historic level (pace the Revolution). It's also a country covertly at war with the US. I have written about that before.

If an AMLO administration goes openly lefty and anti-USA, I, for one, would welcome that. I am tired of seeing Mexico referred to as a friend. It's not; it's a country with a very great animus toward and resentment for the US. Might as well have an honest opponent than the long line of past "friends" in the Presidential Palace.

Time to build the wall, end chain migration, close a dozen or more Mexican consulates, and get out of NAFTA. A President AMLO would help us attain those goals.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Progs: Out of Red Pills, Blame the Victim, and Weaponize Children

The fantasy, red-pill-free world of today's prog is a truly amazing and frightening one of contradictory conclusions and emotions based on delusions and illusions. Let's have some scary fun and look at a bit of this world. Not too much, just a bit. All we can stand, in other words.

"Immigration" Invasion, Blame the Victim:

Ah, yes, so-called "immigration" is a perennial favorite in prog world. "Immigration" has lots of useful aspects to it: a prog can label anybody opposed to unfettered "immigration" as a racist, this at the same time that progs, e.g., Nancy Pelosi, hail the coming "browning" of America and accuse anybody who hails the current "whiteness"of America as a racist. Progs, please remember, are allowed to think in terms of race, the rest of us, well, not so much.

The immigration topic is one in which the prog craziness and inability to think logically is very visible. We start with those coming to the USA. The vast majority are from what we once called Third World countries, and are what the progs call "persons of color." Why do they come? Well, the progs tells us that they come because they flee oppression, injustice, lack of rule of law, inequality, and well, just because, well, they want to. They come from great cultures that we must respect, accommodate, and emulate, well, emulate only up to the point that we don't appropriate them, while they, of course, have the right to appropriate our culture, but . . . don't go further down that line of RACIST thought! We cannot label their countries sh*tholes, and while they have great cultures and are from wonderful places, it is an injustice of huge proportions to ask them to live in their own countries and to send back the ones who violate our laws. We cannot separate families nor can we send back whole family units because . .  . RACIST!

The progs do not want us to differentiate between lawful immigrants and criminal aliens. They are all in one big bucket of voters and constituents for prog government programs.

Our nation, it seems, is just a jumble of rapacious capitalism, fascism, racism, white supremacy, and Judeo-Christian intolerance and we are often rightfully compared to the NAZIS! Because as we all know, the Gestapo and the SS arrested and jailed Jews because millions of Jews were trying to get into Nazi Germany to live, and sent them to death camps or firing squads. We are doing exactly the same with the tide of "asylum" seekers, "refugees," and undocumented "immigrants." It is exactly like the NAZIS! Right?

We are not allowed to question why "persons of color" would want to give up their fabulous cultures to live in the evil, patriarchal, white supremacist USA . . . DON'T ASK THAT QUESTION, YOU DEPLORABLE RAAAAAAACIST!

The US is at fault because people want to live here. I wrote nearly three years ago about the phenomenon of the world wanting to live in the countries created by White Dudes. That phenomenon continues.

We are aggressors because we want to control, just a bit, who lives among us. The USA, please note, takes more migrants of all types than any other country on earth, but it is the US that the Jordanian head of the UN human rights organization singles out for harsh criticism for allegedly "separating" families at the border--maybe Jordan should do something about the so-called Palestinian "refugees"? The UN says nothing about the draconian immigration laws in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America. No human rights violation charges, furthermore, are leveled against the governments of Mexico, Cuba, any of the Central American countries, China, Syria, Nigeria, etc., for failing to promote societies in which people wish to live with their children. Nothing is said about the prog organizations, allied with human traffickers, corrupt officials, lying and scandal-mongering journalists, and demogogic politicians, such as Mexican Presidential candidate Manuel Lopez Obrador, who called for Mexicans and Central Americans to "flood" the USA in the name of "North American open borders." Lopez Obrador, of course, borrowed that call for an invasion and occupation from Turkey's Erdogan

As noted below, this insanity exploits and kills children, including the children of Americans killed by MS-13. But, of course, the OUTRAGE! and the focus of the virtue-signalers and their friends, well, that will remain on bogus stories of mistreatment at the hands of beleaguered Border Patrol agents.

Weaponize the Kids: 

To generate big messy crises, the progs resort to a time-tested weapon, to wit, children. Remember the pictures of the drowned Syrian boy in the Mediterranean? How that would shame Europe into accepting a tidal wave of fake "refugees"? It worked. Nobody put the shame where it belonged, i.e., on the Arab producers of "refugees." It was white Christian Europe's fault. The Arabs, of course, are old experts at using kids to fake up OUTRAGE! Hamas, the PLO/PLA, and others are quite good at putting out fake stories of Arab children murdered at the hands of Israelis and at pushing kids into situations where they will get killed by soldiers defending themselves. Saddam, too, was a master at placing anti-aircraft guns next to schools and hospitals. The progs, given perhaps their Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Islam, are quite adept at using that tactic, too. Children for gun control; children for abortion; children for transgender rights; and, of course, children at the border for open borders.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump Deals with the Prog Border Madness

Couple of days ago, I wrote a little piece which dealt with the progressives' latest calculated dramatic OUTRAGE! meltdown over children at the border being separated from "their" parents.

It's nonsense, of course, and the OUTRAGE! by people who suddenly LOVE CHILDREN and FAMILIES (Planned Parenthood, please stay in the shadows for a bit) is really about collapsing what's left of our immigration system, importing hundreds-of-thousands of new voters and enrollees for government-funded programs, including public schools and hospitals. In essence, the progs declare our borders open to any and all, thereby, irrevocably changing the nature of our culture and social structure--see what's happening in the UK, the Netherlands, and California for a glimpse of our potential national future.

In addition, of course, this burst of OUTRAGE! was timed to bury the genuinely outrageous scandal being revealed about how Obama's misadministration put the FBI and other intelligence services to work for the political benefit of the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

The policy of separating children from adults illegally entering the country has been a long-standing one and for good reason, e.g., pedophiles, child sex trafficking, child workers, etc. You know the reasons. It was done under Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump. The press and Hollywood only get excited by these things when the DNC decides it's time to get excited about them. As soon as that decision has been made, well, we all know that, "Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia," and "Stalin always fought Hitler." The previous statements by Feinstein, the two Clintons, Schumer, etc., condemning illegal immigration and telling us that just because an alien has a child here doesn't mean he or she gets in, are all now inoperative, consigned to the dustbin, never existed . . .  because, because  . . .  you're a racist if you bring that up!

Congress has proven itself unable and unwilling to deal with the mess created by it and progressive court rulings. President Trump has stepped in to kinda, sorta fix the problem with an executive order of his own--one that won't work, I am sorry to say.

Do not rely on the press reports or the spin doctors of either side.  Please read it; here it is in its entirety,
By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), 8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq., it is hereby ordered as follows: 
Section 1. Policy. It is the policy of this Administration to rigorously enforce our immigration laws. Under our laws, the only legal way for an alien to enter this country is at a designated port of entry at an appropriate time. When an alien enters or attempts to enter the country anywhere else, that alien has committed at least the crime of improper entry and is subject to a fine or imprisonment under section 1325(a) of title 8, United States Code. This Administration will initiate proceedings to enforce this and other criminal provisions of the INA until and unless Congress directs otherwise. It is also the policy of this Administration to maintain family unity, including by detaining alien families together where appropriate and consistent with law and available resources. It is unfortunate that Congress’s failure to act and court orders have put the Administration in the position of separating alien families to effectively enforce the law.
Sec. 2. Definitions. For purposes of this order, the following definitions apply: 
  (a) “Alien family” means 
   (i) any person not a citizen or national of the United States who has not been admitted into, or is not authorized to enter or remain in, the United States, who entered this country with an alien child or alien children at or between designated ports of entry and who was detained; and 
   (ii) that person’s alien child or alien children. 
  (b) “Alien child” means any person not a citizen or national of the United States who
   (i) has not been admitted into, or is not authorized to enter or remain in, the United States;
   (ii) is under the age of 18; and
   (iii) has a legal parent-child relationship to an alien who entered the United States with the alien child at or between designated ports of entry and who was detained.
Sec. 3. Temporary Detention Policy for Families Entering this Country Illegally.
   (a) The Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary), shall, to the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations, maintain custody of alien families during the pendency of any criminal improper entry or immigration proceedings involving their members.
   (b) The Secretary shall not, however, detain an alien family together when there is a concern that detention of an alien child with the child’s alien parent would pose a risk to the child’s welfare.
   (c) The Secretary of Defense shall take all legally available measures to provide to the Secretary, upon request, any existing facilities available for the housing and care of alien families, and shall construct such facilities if necessary and consistent with law. The Secretary, to the extent permitted by law, shall be responsible for reimbursement for the use of these facilities.
   (d) Heads of executive departments and agencies shall, to the extent consistent with law, make available to the Secretary, for the housing and care of alien families pending court proceedings for improper entry, any facilities that are appropriate for such purposes. The Secretary, to the extent permitted by law, shall be responsible for reimbursement for the use of these facilities.
   (e) The Attorney General shall promptly file a request with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California to modify the Settlement Agreement in Flores v. Sessions, CV 85-4544 (“Flores settlement”), in a manner that would permit the Secretary, under present resource constraints, to detain alien families together throughout the pendency of criminal proceedings for improper entry or any removal or other immigration proceedings 
Sec. 4. Prioritization of Immigration Proceedings Involving Alien Families. The Attorney General shall, to the extent practicable, prioritize the adjudication of cases involving detained families.
Sec. 5. General Provisions. 
  (a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:
   (i) the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or
   (ii) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.
  (b) This order shall be implemented in a manner consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.
  (c) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

June 20, 2018

This EO has some clever wording which the progs will never accept, to wit, "A legal parent-child relation." How's that going to be proven? That's the last thing the traffickers and their prog enablers want. They can't, in the vast majority of cases, prove that relationship short of expensive and time consuming DNA tests. That ain't going to happen. This is a child trafficking scheme in which the kids are the pawns of criminals, progressive activists in the US, and complicit Mexican and Central American officials. In effect, nothing changes after this order because the progs, the traffickers, the Mexican and Central American officials will make sure it is impossible to prove any such relationship and thereby keep the current crisis going as kids are "separated from their parents."

Time to build the wall, and build it now. That will stop much of this sort of criminal trafficking and fake crisis manufacturing.

Monday, June 18, 2018

At the Border of Progressive Madness

On numerous occasions over the past few years, I have posted on this little blog some pieces on how when progressives announce that they are suddenly concerned, feeling "OUTRAGE!" over something, they are really talking about something else. I have discussed progressive "OUTRAGE!" over Confederate flags and statues; the very use of words; the evils of voter id; the pressing need for gay marriage; and, of course, the urgent requirement to fight against all forms of racial inequality. In all those little postings, I note that the ostensible target of progressive wrath is never whatever "OUTRAGE!" the well-coordinated talking points of the moment are highlighting in the legacy and social media, the universities, the halls of political power, and on the streets.

So what is the latest manifestation of progressive "OUTRAGE!" to fall upon us? What "OUTRAGE!" are the progs pushing today to get us not to think about the FBI scandal, Hillary's corruption, and the failed Russia hoax?

Why it's children at the border! Of course! Children! "Refugee" children! Who doesn't like children--except, of course, for Planned Parenthood? The current children theme is a variation of an earlier children at the border "OUTRAGE!" I wrote about that here, here and here, among many others, and most recently here. In one of those pieces, I noted that,
[W]e do not see the "children" go from, say, violent Honduras to nearby peaceful Nicaragua or Costa Rica. No, the "children" take a 1200 mile trek across dangerous Mexico to come to the USA, where they are welcomed by Progressive policies of free stuff.
Now we are treated to the spectacle of US border officials ripping children away from their loving "parents"--and we don't know if they're the parents. "Separated," yes, "separated" is now the new evil word! Curse you, Trump! This never happened under previous Presidents! Hollywood types are all abuzz; the word "NAZI" makes a frequent appearance. Hillary Clinton, her very self, is now up-in-arms over taking children from their "parents." The woman who told us that it takes a village to rear our kids doesn't like that village when it's run by Trump. The same progs who have set forward and funded billions upon billions of dollars worth of programs that take children from American parents--"Child Services," anybody?--object to children being separated temporarily from foreign criminals.

 Oops! Did I just write C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L-S? YesThere, I wrote it again. 

Folks, as you we'll know, these "asylum" seekers are, in fact, criminals. If nothing else, they are child trafficking coyotes.

First of all, we must question their love for the kids if they are putting them through a brutal and illegal trip; this is child trafficking at its worst. Second, if they were legitimate asylum seekers, they would go to a legal border crossing, and claim asylum. They would get a respectful hearing, and "their" kids would not be ripped away. Instead, of course, these "asylum" seekers have allowed themselves to become pawns in a cynical and ILLEGAL process that exploits children. This stunt is pushed by well-funded progressive activists, abetted by Mexican officials, with the intention of collapsing our immigration system and creating a fake but very loud and visible political and humanitarian "crisis."

I repeat, people crossing our border illegally, that pesky word, are, by definition, breaking the law and engaging in criminal behavior. If a bank robber were to show up at the bank with his kids and get arrested, would the kids stay with him? No. Child Services, anybody? We don't keep minor children incarcerated with adult criminals; imagine the "OUTRAGE!" were we to do that. 

Another fake crisis.

And as a post script I would note, that if it isn't a fake crisis, why do these people, these supposed parents, keep coming? You'd think they would want to avoid having their children ripped away, and forced to live in a racist and fascist country.  The Jews, after all, did not run TOWARDS the concentration camps. Just a thought. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

The IG Report and Comey

Not going to pretend I read the whole thing. No way. I will get around to it, but 560 or so pages of a government document is just a little too much given all the other stuff I am doing right now. From what I have read, however, and from the analyses that have been shooting out all over media world, it seems the report is quite damning for Comey, his immediate circle, the FBI, in general, and former AG Lynch--who gets nailed (sorta) for her outrageous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton. It also does Hillary Clinton no favors, finding that it seems almost certain foreign intel services got into her private server and gained access to the illegally stored classified information there.

Look, there's a lot in the report, I am uncomfortable going into too much detail about something I have not read in its entirety. I don't like relying on media accounts of these sorts of things. I don't like spin whether it's from Fox, CNN, or MSNBC. One area of particular concern for me, which I don't think the report deals with, is Comey's motivations for how he behaved, although the report says he was "insubordinate," and, btw, used a private email account for government business.

I have written before about Comey (here, here, and here) and noted back in July 2016 that the Democrats had a legitimate complaint against Comey and his public comments about the Clinton investigation. The Republicans, of course, had a valid point, too, noting that despite the detailed listing of all the misdeeds committed by Hillary Clinton, Comey had decided not to pursue criminal charges against her. His was a bizarre performance made even weirder when a few weeks later, he announced he had reopened the investigation into her emails because a big clump of them had been found on Anthony Weiner's laptop. All of this, the IG notes was not in keeping with FBI protocol, and clearly implies that Comey thought himself a power onto himself ("insubordinate"), and that Lynch proved an absolutely horrendous manager and leader of the DOJ.

Democrats, including Hillary, herself, have taken to various media platforms arguing that Comey's press conference shows that Comey favored Trump in the election by his actions if not his words. They note that he did not reveal, for example, that the FBI was investigating Trump-Russia, but did reveal the FBI was investigating Hillary-email. Well, friends, the Dems are not completely accurate on this and are hiding some aspects of what I think was happening inside the FBI. Note, of course, that the NYT and other outlets, in fact, were reporting on an FBI investigation of Trump-Russia before the election, and doing so on the basis of leaks coming from DOJ/FBI. More important, however, I understand from friends close to the FBI, there was a brewing revolt in the ranks over how the FBI leadership was handling Hillary Clinton with kid gloves. I think Comey sought to get ahead of that revolt by holding his infamous July 5, 2016 presser, and tried to split the baby--not very successfully. In addition, of course, Comey probably did not want a lot of attention on the FBI's Trump-Russia collusion investigation because he knew it was based on the fraudulent Steele Dossier and other questionable shenanigans, including dubious, to say the least, "unmasking" and FISA processes. As revealed by the IG report, the FBI/DOJ leadership assumed that HRC would win the November election, and, therefore, all of this illegal and unethical behavior would remain secret--commentary on it merely coming from those of us in the "POS" crowd.

Anyhow, just some thoughts. I hope to give the report a more detailed look in the next few days.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

And Quiet Flows the Don . . . nah

First, apologies to Mikhail Alexandrovich Sholokhov, and I hope I don't owe him royalties for stealing the title of his novel about the Cossacks.

Second, what more can be said about Donald Trump on the international scene and the over-the-top, hysterical reaction to his undoubted successes by the proponents of the current World Order? I think I have said it all. No, not really, give me a keyboard and I can always blurt something more.

Let's do a wrap up to the G-7 meeting, which I discussed before.

OK, Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): President Trump left that gabfest early so he could save the world from nuclear war, but his opponents couldn't stand it.

PM Justin Bieber Trudeau put on his/her/zhe big boy/girl/nonbinary pants, hid the floral socks, and made oh-so-brave comments about Trump while the President was in the air. Trump, of course, couldn't and wouldn't let it pass, and noted his surprise at Trudeau's new-found boldness when, in fact, during the meetings he had been quite meek and mild; Trump restated how American workers and industries are getting the shaft from tariffs and other restrictions imposed by our "allies." Trump told our negotiators not to sign the G-7 communique. The MSM press, of course, had a field day going on about how Trump has blown up the alliance system, maligned our allies, and divorced America from Europe. A note in passing to MSM: the divorce papers were signed in 1776, and unlike the prog-establishment created mess in Britain today on Brexit, there is no redo, no matter how much prog world would like one.

When I was at State, unity with our allies meant giving in to them. We would sign absurd declarations just to preserve "unity." The G-7 is like that. We go along with the nonsense about climate, gender equality, go lukewarm on ISIS ("Daesh"), yada, yada, yada, and get nothing in return for our people. This latest one (here) was just another mostly no-calorie, word salad but which had some sneaky stuff about synchronizing tax schemes (read it, you'll see; it's an obvious shot at our efforts to lower tax rates). To steal a phrase from Honest Abe, "The world will little note nor long remember what we say here today . . . ." Trump ain't buying it. Good. An alliance is a two-way street. An alliance with the current crop of globalist nonsense peddlers (Japan excepted) is real tough. I would note, for example, that one of those allies Angela Merkel, by name, has done more damage to Europe and Western security and values that anybody else in my lifetime. That is not an ally.

The MSM/Democrat Party reaction to the Singapore summit is also nonsensical. One gets the impression that these bien pensants would prefer the status quo, including the threat of a possible nuclear war on the Korean peninsula, than support President Trump's gutsy effort to change matters for the better--and there should be no doubt, Trump dominated that summit meeting. All of a sudden we hear strident patriotism from the likes of Rachel Maddow and others of that ilk bemoaning the "sell-out" to Kim by just meeting him, demanding all sorts of things that they never insisted Obama ask from the Mullahs and Castro when he engaged in his disastrous foreign policy forays. I don't see Trump giving Kim billions in cash and dropping sanctions in exchange for vague promises. He has launched a process which might just work, and if it doesn't, well, we are no worse off than we are now. Give the man some credit.

I hope the Don continues to refuse to flow quietly . . .

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Just call it the Gee 1 and be done with it . . . .

After another multinational gab fest last January,  I noted that
President Trump is THE rockstar of the global political world. I don't even know why other leaders bother showing up when this POTUS is in town . . . was anybody else at the meeting? Who knows? Who cares?
We can make the same observation and ask the same questions after the just-concluded G-7 meeting in Canada. Was there anybody else there who matters? Look at the photos. All the other leaders seem to be crowding around Trump, all eyes on him. As in the GOP primary debates, one would be hard-pressed to recall anything said by any another participant. I don't think we have seen anybody dominate international meetings in this manner since . . . since, uh, well, maybe since Jackie Kennedy accompanied her husband to Paris . . ?

Trump sets the agenda, determines the pace, and sucks the oxygen out of the room at these meetings. And--surprise!--the others have no choice but to go along and serve as his foils; they highlight that Trump alone among them seems the nationalist concerned about his people first, and not at all about the international bureaucrats, their bureaucracy, and communiques.

Trump was correct to call for having Russia back into the G-7-8 process. What have we gained by excluding Russia? It was an act of virtue signaling by Obama and the other "leaders" of the West in the wake of Putin's take-over of Crimea. Is Crimea any more free now than it was when Russia was kicked out? Over four years ago, I wrote about dealing with Russia and Putin which,
will require resolve and determination. With the right policies, however, it should prove considerably less difficult than dealing with the once more powerful USSR. Russia is a much smaller nation, and one in serious demographic decline. It has not resolved its economic problems and has a shaky political system that is not certain to survive the departure--whenever that is--of Putin. What Putin has is Putin. He understands the multiplier effect of determined leadership and how that can make up for many orders of military inferiority.
Before thatI wrote a piece on sanctions on Russia which basically said forget about sanctions and just go for energy independence as a way to cripple untoward Russian ambitions. We seem to be doing that, unlike the hapless Obama misadministration. It is now time for serious discussions with Russia, and to bring them into the international game. Russia will always be a problem, but we should be able to handle it better if they're inside the tent rather than out. There is no need to have Russia as an enemy.

Finally, please watch the press conference he held just before leaving Canada (skipping the climate meeting) and heading off to Singapore to meet Kim Jung-un. Can this man handle the press or what? Notice the loaded CNN question at about minute 17; Trump takes no prisoners.

Anyhow, this old Foreign Service Officer stands in awe of Trump's dominance of the international scene.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

On the EU from the Left

Sorry for the delayed posting. I have been wrapped up in issues of my father's estate, and have ignored my blogging.

A good friend sent me a very interesting article looking at Trump, Merkel, and the EU from a leftist perspective.

I found the piece well worth reading, even if I don't agree with all of its conclusions. The author, as you will see, is none other than Yanis Varoufakis, once Greece's "far left" economic minister, and a prominent member of what I, at the time, called Greece's honest crooks (also here).

He tried to negotiate a better deal for Greece with the EU, and was stymied by mostly Germany, and left office. As I have written many times (here and here, for example) the EU tried to force its members to "swim with an anchor," aka, the euro--some successfully resisted. Varoufakis seems to agree, somewhat, but doesn't reach the same ultimate conclusion that I did, to wit, the EU, itself, is the problem not just the euro and its current crop of leaders. The EU, after all, was overwhelmingly a political project which sought to balance the political, military, and economic power of the United States, and do so with "magic totems" such as the euro and a massive and overpaid bureaucracy. It, of course, failed to do that, as President Trump has amply demonstrated repeatedly, e.g., his easy destruction of the Paris Climate Accord, and of the odious Iran "deal." The EU, in other words, could "balance" the US only as long as the US allowed itself to be checked, in other words, President Obama. Well, Trump ain't Obama; he won't help the Lilliputians tie down the US.

Varoufakis bemoans the EU leadership's obstinate refusal to make reforms, and blames it for the rise of populist movements in Europe that now threaten the whole EU "project." He particularly blames Merkel, as I have, for the EU's current predicament, but seems unable to grasp the monumental error she made by opening Europe to a rapid Muslim invasion. He makes a good case that the EU is heading for the dust bin, e.g., recent Italian elections, but ignores perhaps the single greatest indicator of this, Brexit--something which this humble blog did not. He also attacks Trump and his policies, although understanding their origins, as a threat to the EU project, a project which Varoufakis, it seems, would like to preserve--hey, I said I didn't agree with everything he wrote, right?

Varoufakis sees as negative the rise of movements to defend national sovereignty (I don't and wrote about that here, for example) and lashes out at the Trump administration several times. I, obviously, don't agree with his criticism of President Trump, but it is an interesting and well-written argument. That alone is something to be welcomed in these highly divisive times in which insults and craziness substitute for rational discussion and debate.

Anyhow, hope to have more thoughtful commentary soon. Back to the lawyers.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Back in NC from OC

Back in my beloved home in the NC woods.

Gruesome days in Orange County, California with my father's death, burial, and the start of the lawyer, stock broker, and accountant onslaught. Lots of papers, lots of photocopies, dealing with storage unit managers, real estate appraisers, and getting everything under the sun (it seemed)  notarized.

One bright spot, however. I came to appreciate the genius of McDonald's and hereby declare it the world's best restaurant. I will tolerate no violation of my safe space on this issue. Can't tell you how many mornings, a McD "bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit" with sugar free French vanilla iced coffee saved me from going ballistic. I also discovered their quite excellent "Artisan grilled chicken sandwich" which makes for a delicious lunch when you're on the go. There. If McD doesn't immediately send me $50,000, I am off to Burger King . . .

No, really, McD is a genius creation which provides a good product for a good price and teaches generations of kids how to work. American ingenuity for the world. That and the Mars Rover . . .

More serious stuff to come.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Memorial Day 2018, and Thinking of Tommy Robinson

I wrote some years back on another Memorial Day that,
Writing this post on Memorial Day, my thoughts, of course, turned to those who fought and died to preserve our country. My thoughts also turned to the issue of national defense, in general, and whether we still "get it." We all--well, most of us-- understand defending our nation when it comes under physical attack, e.g., Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and most of us--well, many of us--also understand that at times one must defend our country from threats that have not yet blown through our door, e.g., the Kaiser's and the Nazi Fuehrer's Germany, Il Duce's Italy, Kim's North Korea, and Saddam's Iraq come to mind.
I went on to note that in addition to the military we need our other institutions to defend us and make worthwhile the sacrifice of our warriors, and that,
None of our government institutions, however, can over the long term defend our nation without a major change in thinking within our nation about our nation. What kind of a nation do we want? What kind of Western civilization do we want? For that debate, let's go to the UK. There it seems, at least to this outside observer, that the debate has begun in earnest in the wake of the Woolwich savagery which saw two Muslims brutally murder a young soldier in the name of Allah. There are also reports of an attempted killing of a British prison warden by Islamic prisoners "radicalized" in prison. We now see growing outrage over Muslim violence in Britain and what, apparently, was a leftist attempt to alter radically the nature of British society by encouraging immigration from poor countries and have those immigrants become dependent on and vote for Labour. It appears from documents recently made available that this was a planned effort. The Labour politicians involved in altering Britain's immigration laws deliberately sought to change British society, and knew the country would see a rise in social pathologies such as crime as a result. A visitor to any major British city can testify that Labour's plan has succeeded, social pathologies and all. Some two to three million immigrants from the third world entered the UK in less than ten years. The Labour politicians understood that this radical attempt to alter British society would not have public approval, so they did what leftist politicians do best: lie and label as "racist" anybody opposed to this massive social engineering.
I wrote that back in 2013, but certainly in the British case it seems even more relevant today as we read about the arrest and rapid sentencing to prison of Tommy Robinson.  You can agree or disagree with Robinson's stance on issues such as the Islamization of Britain and the pernicious effects that open immigration is having on Britain, but the ham-handed, Orwellian manner in which the authorities there responded to his perfectly valid activities should send a shiver down the spine of all who care about the truth and the preservation of the rights for which our veterans fought and many died. To have the man arrested for attempting to report on the ongoing trial of the members of an "Asian," i.e., Muslim, rape gang, AND to have some Social Justice judge impose a news blackout on the arrest and the "double-plus" fast sentencing is beyond outrageous. This is something we would expect to see in Cuba not in the most important country in Western Europe, and the "mother of all parliaments." Why is the British press going along with the "black-out"?

Here in the USA, we are marginally better off, thanks to the first and second amendments, but headed down the same dark progressive pathway if we do not maintain our vigilance. The arrest and silencing of Robinson is the natural culmination of the progs' war on individual liberty and diversity of thought, and the ceaseless promotion of "lawfare" as a means to impose a totalitarian agenda. We see it at work, most notably, in our decrepit universities.

I hope President Trump raises the violation of Robinson's rights with PM May, and invites him to come to the US to speak. I doubt very much that British vets fought and died to prevent opposition to the Islamization of their country.

Saturday, May 26, 2018


We had my father's burial ceremony yesterday. All went very well. The folks at the Memorial Park were superb, and even the Rabbi held back from being politically correct--an unusual thing for an American Rabbi in California.

Wanted to thank everybody for their kind comments. Much appreciated.

Now comes all the legal/financial stuff which will involve (sigh) my traveling back-and-forth between my home in North Carolina and California. It will be a few intense months of lawyers and accountants. I will try, however, to maintain my usual low standards in political commentary so that the regular five or six readers of this blog do not get too upset.

Thanks, again.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Death Wins One

Back in California. Just made it in time for my father's death.

He was 94, and, as the all-knowing "they" say, he had a pretty good run. As readers of this little blog might remember, he came from a town in Morocco in the part of that North African country that formed the "Spanish Protectorate." He was born a Jew in a Muslim country under Catholic Spanish rule. He always seemed to find the odd niche to fill, the hard-to-categorize, he was, shall we say, an off-brand. This failure to stay within easily defined boundaries would follow him for the rest of his life, both professionally and personally.

He arrived, by ship from England, in New York City on Christmas Eve 1950, with an American visa, $200 in tens, and the address of the local YMCA in his pocket. He had always wanted to live in America. He briefly flirted with the idea of living in Britain, but the UK in 1950 was not a cheery place. It certainly was not America. So, off he went. My mother followed shortly after.

We moved a lot. We lived all over the country (NY, VA, Territory of Hawaii, and many places in CA) and spent a great deal of time overseas as he had to return on several occasions to deal with family issues in Morocco and Spain.  It was not easy getting his Spanish credentials accepted in the USA of the 1950s. The AMA had successfully blocked most foreign graduates and required extensive retraining and internships. He waged a constant battle to get accepted as a doctor, and some of his most colorful stories involved dealing with hospital administrators and doctors to get himself established. He, however, spoke several languages, had excellent surgical skills, and went on to became a highly successful doctor (psychiatry, neurology, and neurosurgery) and one who found 90% of medicine to be "nonsense," his favorite word.

He was restless, and kept a passport, a .38 revolver, and several thousand dollars in a cigar box under his bed, "When you're Jewish and have lived in Europe, you learn to be ready to go immediately." He was an ardent defender of the Second Amendment. He thought it amazing and a tribute to the wisdom of the nation's founders that a private citizen legally could arm and defend himself.

Back to his views on medicine. He would often say that the only real discoveries in medicine were aspirin, codeine, laxatives, and antibiotics--everything else was, well, "nonsense." Did he really believe that or was he trolling? Hard to tell. He certainly had little respect for psychiatry, but at the same time used his considerable analytical skills honed in psychiatric practice to evaluate people and, frankly, as noted, to make a lot of money in businesses not even remotely related to medicine. He was also something of a celebrity expert witness in countless civil and criminal trials. He was famous for interrupting cross-examining defense lawyers with, "Stop that nonsense! The man knew exactly was he doing. He deserves the gas chamber."

He made a lot of money, helluva lot, but didn't seem to care much about the stuff. Aside from his medical practice, he was something of a stock market and real estate wizard. We, however, lived very middle class lives, no particular luxuries, one b/w TV, older cars, and never knew we were quite wealthy. I only got an inkling when once, in the late 1960s, I glimpsed his IRS returns and was stunned by the yearly income; I felt sure there was a misplaced decimal point. I never saw him attach any importance to money except as it provided a means to achieve independence, and get away from the "idiots." He was always searching for ways to get away from the "idiots." He lived frugally, drove old and battered cars, dressed modestly, and rarely splurged on anything except cigars and wine. He had, yes, a rusty three-cylinder Geo which he drove to fancy Beverly Hills restaurants and parked next to the gleaming Bentleys, BMWs, Cadillacs, etc., of the ostentatiously and supposedly rich. Tired of the constant jibes about his car, he had business cards made to hand sneering parking valets and dinner partners reading, "Yes, but unlike you, I actually have money."

He smoked four or five cigars daily until about year or so before his death, drank copious amounts of wine and cognac, ate prodigious amounts of red meat, devoured chocolate chip cookies, and never did an hour's worth of exercise in his life: "Just like Churchill," he would say. He laughed off advice to stop smoking, start exercising, and "clean up" his act. "Doctors don't know anything," he would say while he sat in his office wearing his Louis Farrakhan bowtie, puffing on a cigar, reading Bertrand Russell ("An idiot, but he writes well") and waiting for patients.

He passed much of his life in Malibu. My mother refused to live there and spent her time at a huge house in San Marino. The Malibu house sat, quite literally, on the edge of the continent, right where the ocean and the beach do battle. Unless you lived on a boat, you couldn't get closer to the sea. During storms, the house would get hit by waves--even a seagull and an odd fish or two got flung into the living room through the always open sliding glass doors. We kids hated and ridiculed the place--everything was wet, rusted, or moldy. He, however, loved living there especially when the tourists were blocked by coast highway closings caused by mudslides, brush fires, earthquakes, storms, or some bizarre Malibu car accident, e.g., a drunk wrapping a Ferrari around a telephone pole and bringing the thing crashing down on the road. Why did he live there? He apparently had a perverse pride in living in a very uncomfortable place, and he loved the sea lions and the whales that paraded by the house. He actually worried about the whales, "Poor things, always in that cold water." And dogs. He loved dogs. He hated anybody who abused animals.

He lived surrounded by but oblivious to the Hollywood set. For years, for example, his neighbor, was a very famous comedian and actor, of whom my father had never heard. On the rare occasion he would go to the local temple, he would meet the Hollywood elite--and genuinely have no idea who they were. The last movies he had seen were "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Gigi." He wouldn't go to movies because he was no longer allowed to smoke in the theater, and, yes, "they are all nonsense made by homosexuals and Communists." Mind you, he said this decades ago.

Smoke. As a child, my world was enveloped in cigar smoke. Everything, houses, cars, clothes, and his offices, smelled of cigars. In addition, it seemed that everywhere in those houses and offices, every conceivable space, was packed with books. He loved books and insisted that I read them, too. I was the only kid in Miss Sarzin's fifth grade class who had read Winston Churchill's six-volume history of WWII, and gave ponderous book reports on Eric Hoffer's "The True Believer," Sir James Frazer's "The Golden Bough," and Sigmund Freud's "Moses and Monotheism." I was unbearable--a trait I have nurtured. At least, however, I didn't smoke cigars or swill cognac, well, not in class.

He thought America was the best country on earth, thanks to "the rednecks. They defeated the Nazis, nobody else did." He detested Europe, "pretentious anti-semitic idiots." He also thought that America was headed for serious trouble as it got further and further away from its Anglo roots. He refused to call the left "liberals," and decades ago took up calling them "Communists," to the chagrin of the very PC Malibu and West LA crowd. He saw the 1965 immigration law as the biggest disaster in our history, and loathed America's secularized Jews, "They don't appreciate what we have here." He, himself, of course, was an immigrant with no Anglo roots, had a love of Chinese culture and history, and rarely went to temple. He was a strong supporter of Israel, gave lots of money to the country and even to Rabbi Meir Kahane, but openly stated he could never live there, "A nation of New Yorkers!" He hated New York, and loved Los Angeles and Miami. He also, by the way, hated universities, saying no great idea ever came out of a university--but, nevertheless, insisted that all of us go to university. "Get that stupid piece of paper, but don't pay attention to those stupid professors," was his advice re "higher" education.

Soon after becoming a US citizen, he had voted for JFK and LBJ, but after 1964, became a 100% Republican voter. He had a deep understanding of politics and hated political correctness. He correctly predicted not only that Obama would become President well before he was a major player, but, most surprising, started telling me around 2004 that Trump was destined to become President. He voted for Trump, and one of the last things he saw was the TV coverage of the American Embassy opening in Jerusalem. "Trump knows how to play the game," he said.

Neither he nor I was ever sure if he approved of my choice of career. He had a pretty low regard for the State Department. I remember shortly after I joined in 1978, he asked what my salary was. I proudly told him, $14,700. He looked puzzled, puffed on his cigar, and said, "OK, $14,700 a month is OK, but ..." When I noted that it was $14,700 a year, he was horrified, "You'll never be independent!" He, nevertheless, did visit us at several assignments, but almost died in Bolivia from the altitude.

It's hard to say things about people like him because there's so much to say, and it doesn't all make sense. There is no well-defined narrative. His funeral is Friday--we are trying to get all the kids in for it--and I have been asked to speak. Don't know what I am going to say, but maybe the best thing would be to play Frank Sinatra's version of "My Way." He certainly did do it that way. Maybe that's the narrative.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Friendly Snark: The Royal Wedding

Heading back to California tomorrow for a family emergency. Just going to put up a quick and snarky post.

OK, OK. I should pretend as some others do, not to be aware that there is a Royal wedding underway today in the UK. But, I can't. The media won't let me. Do I wish the newlyweds all the best? Of course. Is this the most important event in the world and of our time? Uh, no, no it's not. It's not even close to being the most important event of the past couple of days or so. It's an A-list celebrity thing. It's pretty and nice, and nobody does these sorts of events better than the Brits. The Royal family is the greatest tourist magnet on the planet. Whatever they cost, they are worth it in tourist jobs, hard currency and the endless number of movies and TV shows that saturate the airwaves, clog the studios, and provide lots of jobs.

The Royals themselves? Meh. I have said before, and will again that QEII is a class act. I wish her and her irascible Prince Phillip many more years gracing the world scene. Her kids and grandkids? Well, most of them fell pretty far from the ol' QEII tree. Now, I will modify that a bit. Many years ago, I declared Harry to be an idiot for wearing a Che shirt while partying. I dismissed him as just another in a long line of callow youths produced by the Royal family, almost stupid enough to be a Kennedy.

I have to take some of that back, however.

Harry served his country well and bravely in combat in Afghanistan--per American sources I heard that he performed quite admirably. Anybody who does that, well, he gets a pass for a lot of stupidity. In addition, he has gone on to devote a considerable amount of time and effort trying to better the lot of wounded veterans both in Britain and the US. Again, he gets some serious points for that. So, let's say he has atoned for his youthful stupidities. Marrying the very politically correct Meghan Markle? Uh . . . well, who knows? The only thing I could think of was poor ol' Nazi-symp Wallis Simpson muttering, "Hey, MM! That's my act you've stolen!"

Bottom line: All the best to the couple, but let me repeat what I said back in 2012,
July 4, 1776. That's the date on the official excuse note. It was signed by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Samuel Adams, and others, and delivered by George Washington. As of that date, it's official: We Americans don't have to worry or care about monarchs. And I don't.
My "I don't care about Royals" permit is still valid.

Thanks, Founding Dudes!

Friday, May 18, 2018

A Thought or Two on "Resist!"

It's almost midnight at the quasi-baronial Diplomad estate. There is a huge tropical storm raging outside with some spectacular lightning and thunder displays. The surrounding woods are quite spooky and even creepy. If I see a clown running around out there, I am moving.

Clearly, Gaia is upset about something, and whatever it is, her reaction has my two giant dogs quivering and crying like little puppies. Once again, we see that Gaia is a cruel mistress who spends all her time trying to find ways to terrify and kill all those who dare to live in her house. Once again, we see the wisdom of the Diplomad's dictum, to wit, that the history of civilization is the history of man's fight against Gaia; the most successful civilizations are those most successful in that battle.

All this Gaia "sound and fury" outside has got me thinking about the leftist antics we see since the election of Donald Trump. Driving around Durham, near Duke University, I noticed several yard signs that screamed out in bold font, "Resist!" Ah, yes, these bold signs clearly identified bold members of the bold resistance to the man who, of course, is quite literally Hitler, our own Donald Trump.

Before I reach the perhaps unjustified conclusion that the "resistance" is just a "tale told by an idiot," let me ask a few questions, and make some observations about this bold and virtuous resistance.

If Donald Trump is literally Adolf Hitler, why would a member of the "resistance" identify himself/herself/zheself as a member? Strikes me that is a clear violation of the rules of resistance to a repressive regime. Did Max Manus put such a sign in front of his house to shout out his defiance of the Nazis and Vidkun Quisling? Did Anne Frank? Seems an odd thing to do if the Gestapo is out and about.

What does this "resistance" do? I know what the resistance did in Norway and Yugoslavia, but this one? What does it do? I mean, of course, aside from going to notoriously right-wing Starbucks to demand free bathroom usage. What exactly are they resisting? OK, I understand that just like Hitler, Trump is strongly pro-Israel, has a Jewish daughter and son-in-law, and, just like Hitler, used the power of the state to bring back three non-white hostages from North Korea. Yes, I see the similarities, but . . . well, now that I think about it, I guess Trump is actually worse than Hitler because Trump, unlike Hitler, is not a vegetarian!

But, but I still remain puzzled.

It seems odd that many members of the "resistance" want the state to take away all of our guns. The resistance hates Trump so much they want him and his henchmen to have our weapons. I guess the resistance to Hitler did the same thing, no? Maybe I've got my history mixed up, I don't know, perhaps the thunder and lightning are throwing off my aging brain waves.

So to sum it up for the resistance: The anti-semite Trump is the best friend Israel has ever had. The racist Trump has instituted policies that have produced the lowest unemployment figures in decades for black and hispanic Americans. The woman-hating Trump had a woman running his campaign (no, not Mrs. Putin), has a woman as Ambassador at the UN, another as the head of DHS, another as head of Education, yet another as White House spokesman, and now has made a woman the head of the CIA. The oligarch Trump has instituted tax and other policies that are putting more money into more ordinary people's pockets than has happened in many years.

All just like Hitler did . . .

Ah well, tomorrow will be another day in the Reich in which to ponder all this . . .

Monday, May 14, 2018

Embassy in Jerusalem: Reality as a Foreign Policy

I thought I would never live to see the day when the US Embassy would be in Jerusalem. It seems that only Israel has to fight to have its capital recognized, and not even its closest ally had the guts--until now--to recognize that capital, and to pursue a reality-based foreign policy not only towards Israel but across the board.

In November of 1995, the US Congress overwhelmingly passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act  which stated that the US Embassy should be in Jerusalem. No President since then acted upon it, until now. It was never the right time. It was too expensive. It had to be part of a "comprehensive deal." The Europeans didn't like it. The Palestinians would be outraged. We would have war with Saudi Arabia . . . yeah, yeah. And, yet, Trump has done it, insisted on recognizing reality, and, yet, the sun rises and life goes on. Amazing.

I remember back in the 1980s, when I was just a young inconsequential State Department buck before I would grow into being an old inconsequential State Department stag, telling a colleague, who would go on to become quite senior in the Bureau of Near East Affairs, "Why don't we just declare our Consulate General in Jerusalem our Embassy?" His answer was an exasperated eye-roll followed by a condescending, "You can't do that." That was it. The wisdom as revealed by the State Department, "YOU can't do that."

And, yet, and, yet, guess what just happened?

You can do that. WE can do that. The U.S. Embassy is now in Jerusalem, having temporarily, in effect, swapped places with the ConGen while a new building goes up. And, yet, and yet, the sun will rise tomorrow.

The bien pensants, of course, are all besides themselves. Even many Democratic politicians--pace Chuck Schumer--who voted for the move now blather on about this is the wrong time; it sends the wrong message; the European "allies" oppose it; and, of course, what about the PEACE PROCESS? THE PEACE PROCESS?!? The Palestinians are never going to believe that we are honest brokers! My strand of pearls just broke!

So when will be the right time? When will the so-called Palestinians say so? The Peace Process, huh? More people have died during this 70-year "Peace Process" than in many a "War Process." All Israel's fault, of course--if only they were willing to help in their own murder . . .

The Europeans? I refer you to the Diplomad's number one rule of American Foreign Policy, "Never listen to the Europeans." They are just about always wrong. They are about keeping things the way they are at any particular moment, unless that moment favors the USA, and about making simple problems, complex, and complex ones, impossible.

Let's be clear. There are only two countries with any say about where the US puts its Embassy in Israel. Any guesses which two? Hint: Neither is in the EU.

Final thought on Europe: Maybe we should move our Embassy in Paris to Vichy?

Yes, before some MSNBC prog points it out, the Jerusalem Embassy Act had some vague language about the final status of Jerusalem being determined in some future peace process. Fine. That's up to the Israelis and with whomever THEY negotiate that, if they negotiate that. As far as I am concerned, and I'd love to hear our President say it, there already is a two-state solution in Palestine: Israel and Jordan. Up to them if they want to add a third state. Meanwhile, our foreign policy and interests in the Middle East cannot be held hostage to some future possibility that the leadership of the so-called Palestinians will finally stop trying to destroy Israel. I wrote about this here,
Let's start with basics. The whole Palestinian homeland bit is a massive scam. Palestinians are Arabs just like the folks in Jordan and Egypt--Arafat was born in Cairo. When the Arab states invaded the nascent state of Israel in 1948, they did not do so for a Palestinian homeland. They just wanted to kill Jews, drive them into the ocean, and eliminate Western influence from the region. Egypt, Jordan, and Syria intended to take the tiny parcel of land allocated to the Jews by the UN and keep it. No Palestinian homeland, no "two state solution," just another "final solution" which would have seen tens-of-thousands of Jews killed, including those born in "Palestine," yes, Jews were also "Palestinians." That's all. Period. 
After the Arab states got their clocks cleaned, we began to hear the baying about a Palestine homeland which just so happened to coincide exactly with the boundaries of Israel. Amazing how that happens! Wherever Jews lived, THAT formed part of the Palestinian homeland. Jordan, of course, had the West Bank from 1948 to 1967; at no time was that then considered part of this definition of the "Palestinian" homeland. It was part of Jordan. There were no international cries to free that portion of Palestine from Jordanian occupation. The West Bank became part of the "homeland" only when Israel took it from Jordan in the Six Day War. 
We also saw the amazing phenomenon of Palestinian refugees. Arabs displaced by fighting started by Arabs were dumped by Arabs on the tender mercies of the UN. The Arab countries wanted nothing to do with them. The UN being all about programs, of course, created the monstrosities known as Palestinian refugee camps, and established a massive money-sucking bureaucracy to administer them and beg for ever greater amounts of money--most of it from Western countries, including the USA.
Anyhow, Trump, former reality show star, insists on having a foreign policy based on the reality of the world. As I noted  before, about his domestic and foreign policy approach,
He is calling, in no uncertain terms, for an end to the phony and destructive internationalism of the past few decades, the internationalism that has devastated towns and cities throughout the Western world, hollowed out once proud industrial centers, and made legions of mountebanks and blow-hards rich and powerful at the expense of the average Joe. He intends to use America's considerable clout to end that. He makes a good unvarnished case that doing so will benefit the "forgotten communities," and enable them, in the US, at least, to achieve a major portion of the American Dream, to wit, a good job, with good pay. 
The world is formed of nation-states, and Donald Trump wants us to act in accordance with that reality. 
Reality. What a revolutionary concept . . . .
Happy 70th Israel. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Trump Rolls On

OK. Are there any other world leaders out there? If so, they shouldn't bother coming to work. Take a holiday. Enjoy the coming summer in the northern hemisphere and the coming winter in the south. Just go home. Relax. Trump's got ya covered.

He does it, yet again.

He has killed the Iran nuclear "deal."

Trump knows how to do foreign policy.  We've had to put up with decades of condescending lectures from the traditional foreign policy "elites" on how difficult foreign policy is; how it's just more complex than YOU could ever understand; don't try it at home; and just leave it to the experts. Seems that our President is following in the foot-steps of Ronald Reagan, and even blazing a few paths of his own when it comes to foreign policy. Amazing how a clear articulation of purpose, a demonstration of strength, and a refusal to accept the standard bromides produces different results. What's that definition of crazy? Shall we say, President Trump is destroying the world order in order to save the world? Sounds good.

The mullahs in Teheran, the murderers in ISIS, Pyongyang and Damascus, as well as the virtue-signaling, pearl-clutching bien pensants in Hollywood, media, academe, and all the capitals of the Far Abroad, now know they're dealing with a different sort of U.S. President. Thank the Lord this President has followed the Diplomad's long-standing foreign policy dictum, "Do not listen to the Europeans,"
[T]he surest way to lose American lives and treasure is to listen to the Europeans. Europe has not gotten anything right on the world stage since, well, since . . . well, since at least the French Revolution.
Let's not forget that since the USA became a significant player, the principal aim of European leaders has been to embroil the USA in Europe's wars, have the USA fix the messes caused by European leaders, but have the USA take instructions from Europe's leaders. Even Churchill, whom I admire immensely, was not immune; he desperately wanted the mighty US in WWII, but wanted to dictate the how and the where of the application of US power. We, of course, previously saw the same thing in WWI. In that conflict, 100 years ago, the geniuses in the European high commands needed US troops to halt a resurgent Germany after the exit of Russia from the war, but did not want an independent US force. Pershing successfully resisted them. Vietnam and Libya were also two messes in which we became involved to bail out Europe. Let us also not forget that the long years of the Cold War involved the US footing the bulk of the bill for defense, allowing Europe to maintain Legoland militaries and spend their own wealth building cradle-to-grave social welfare systems, which, of course, relied on the despised US military for protection.

It goes on and on . . uh, well, not any longer. Just as Reagan did before in rejecting European advice on how to handle the USSR, it seems that Trump has a very clear home-grown idea of how to do things in the interest of the United States. About time.

The "deal" with Teheran was a classic convoluted mess so favored by the Euros and their admirers such as John Kerry. I have written a great deal about that "deal" (here, herehere, and here, for example, and there's lots more). Don't want to repeat all I have said before except to restate that this was a classic con job.

Of course, the Iranians and the Europeans are upset over President Trump's bold announcement that we are walking away from this "deal." As I have noted before, the "deal" guaranteed Iran's acquiring a nuclear weapon, while, mostly European and Russian companies make a lot of money off the Iranian regime whose bank accounts became flush with billions of dollars and euros magnanimously provided by the Obama misadministration in the dead of night.

As to American opinion, I conducted my own highly "scientific" poll. Yesterday, I was at my local gun store, doing a little shopping in the wake of having received my concealed carry permit. Four "customers" were siting in the back of the little semi-rural gun store ("Green Acres"!) when the president came on TV to announce the end of the Iran so-called deal. All four broke into spontaneous applause, with one elderly gent wearing a Korean War Vet cap, telling his wife, "The President has done a great thing!"

There the science is settled, and now . . .

Let the fainting begin!

We hear cries of outrage from Obama, Kerry, and Clinton, of course, who see their "legacy" coming apart. The Iranians are running to Russia and Europe trying to save a vestige of the "deal" to make sure the goodies keep flowing. Kerry, of course, is repeating his anti-American antics of decades ago: just as he did with the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong delegations in Paris during the Vietnam War peace talks, he has been in Europe trying to strike some sort of new "deal" with Iran to undermine the US president. Kerry does treason quite well.

Among the many curious things being said is that Trump's walking away from this "deal," imperils our ability to reach a deal with North Korea. Well, yes, it does imperil the ability to reach a "deal" like the one with Iran, but that's what we don't want! While the fainters fainted, newly minted SecState Pompeo flew into Pyongyang to set up the forthcoming meeting between Kim and Trump, and flew out bringing home three American hostages. Sounds like Kim is more than willing to deal, and Trump has his measure of the man.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy is opening in Jerusalem, and the pearl-clutchers can't believe that the world has not come to an end, yet again. The Saudis and other Arabs are making friendly noises towards Israel, clearly seeking Israeli support against Iran, and have supported Trump's move on the faux deal. They know from whence the threat comes, and it's not from Tel Aviv Jerusalem. The mullahs are rightfully in panic mode.

I can't wait for President Trump to turn his full attention to the threat on our southern border and put an end to Mexican interference in our politics.

Roll on!