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Monday, November 18, 2019

Impeachment Hearings: Ego and the Ambassador, and a Mistake by President Trump

I'll keep this short. I don't want to repeat unnecessarily the themes I laid out in my post of November 13 discussing the testimony of Kent and Taylor.

Many of you likely watched the Congressional impeachment testimony by former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.  Both the Diplowife and I kept shaking our heads while Yovanovitch spoke; at the end of it all, the Diplowife said to me, "This is why the Foreign Service has such a bad reputation." I agreed with the Diplowife; in sum, I found it an embarrassing spectacle.

Just a few notes.

I hate false bravado. The whole "we are the hostages of Tehran, the martyrs of Tripoli" shtick in defense of the Foreign Service was almost more than I could bear. I have never heard a military man or woman do something similar. Braggadocio is not a trait of the best of our military, and should not be a feature anywhere else in our bureaucracy. It was all rather embarrassing, particularly given that both the hostages in Tehran and the dead in Tripoli were abandoned to their fate by lefty Democrat policies and administrations--something I wish the Republicans had pointed out.

Even worse, however, was the whole "our foreign policy in Ukraine is in disarray" meme. When you hear somebody from State say that, remember what they generally mean is that the President has not done what the "experts" told him to do. It also means, more importantly, that he hasn't filled all the jobs at State that State says it needs to do the wasteful foolishness that State does much if not most of the time.

Yovanovitch, and before her Kent and Taylor, gave totally tone deaf but standard State Department talking point/memo-type speeches laying out the great importance of Ukraine to our national interests. Yawn. You know how many papers of that sort I have written? I am ashamed to tell you. Be it Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Central African Republic, Tuvalu, or San Marino, any career Department sort can turn out a paper in an instant as to why any country, no matter how insignificant in reality, is in the forefront of American interests. We must promote good governance in Togo to defend our vital core interests . . . . yeah, yeah, yeah.

Also please note the unvarnished arrogance of the Ambassador. She was named to the position under Obama about six months before the end of that execrable misadministration. A standard tour, if there is one, for an Ambassador is about two to three years. More important, however, please note that ALL AMBASSADORS, I repeat, ALL AMBASSADORS must submit their resignations when a new President comes in. That includes career Foreign Service Ambassadors, which is why I wrote ALL, a little something that much of the media reporting has "missed." The new President has the right to accept the resignation or not.

In hindsight, it would seem the President made a mistake keeping Yovanovitch at her post. She, for example, was clearly aware of the potential problem of having Hunter Biden on the board of the Ukranian Burisma Holdings company at the same time that Joe Biden served not only as Vice-President but as "point-man"for Obama on Ukraine policy. She said nothing. She was also aware of the involvement of senior Ukrainian officials interfering in our 2016 elections on behalf of Hillary Clinton. She said nothing.

She had the nerve to claim that Trump was undermining HER position as Ambassador, and, thus, of course, he was undermining US foreign policy! She breathlessly informed us that after about two-plus years at her post, Ukrainians were asking her if she was going to be replaced. Horrors! Ukrainians can do math. They knew that her usual tour likely would be coming to an end. The President does not need to undermine her; he can yank her out any time for any reason or even for no reason. Ambassadors, as well as FBI and CIA Directors, etc., serve at the pleasure of the President. Period. She must have thought she was King Louis XIV, you know, 'L'état, c'est moi'. But to be kind, let's just agree that she is just another in a long line of State officials who seem to have forgotten that the President sets and directs foreign policy, not State.

Ambassadors work for and represent the President not the State Department, a little fact that many career FSOs seem to forget.

Off to play with my dogs: they know who sets policy around here . . . I think . . .

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Impeachment Hearings: New Whine in an Old Battle

Despite having just bought a new Sig P226 Legion and a Sig P365 (both excellent), I spent much of the day listening to the so-called impeachment hearings . . . sigh . . . gotta get a life.

I don't know what was more depressing, the hearings themselves or the comments afterwards by the so-called punditry class. These pundits, left and right, were chattering on and on  about "take-aways" from the testimony. Yes, Bill, there was this and there was that, and, of course, that there  . . . PLEASE STOP!

Let me give you the one take-away y'all need, and remember this comes from a former denizen of the Foggy Bottom Swamp, one who used to swim and crawl with all them swamp creatures.

What you saw were a couple of career dips--neither of whom I know personally--whining a familiar whine that one can hear echoing in the halls of Foggy Bottom and just about anywhere else where "PROFESSIONAL" civil servants congregate. What is it? Simple: THEY are not paying attention to us!

You saw Ambassador Taylor and Deputy Assistant Secretary Kent all in a knot because the President had an "irregular" channel he used to conduct foreign policy in Ukraine. Wow! I didn't realize that we had elected Taylor and Kent!

Let me put it in nice simple terms so that the Swamp Beings will understand: The President sets and conducts foreign policy, not State, not the NSC, not the DOD, not any other alphabet agency. He does not have to go through State or NSC to conduct said policy; he does not have to consult with Kent or Taylor or anybody else on Ukraine or any other aspect of foreign policy.

All Presidents have used "irregular" channels going back at least to Woodrow Wilson and Colonel House. All have used messengers and negotiators outside the established bureaucracy for different diplomatic missions. There is nothing unusual or illegal or impeachable for doing this. The bureaucracy doesn't like it, so what?

More of this "impeachment" nonsense to come.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Developments in Crazy World and Some Fun Stuff

Let me start with the fun stuff, and gradually move into Crazy World.

Sitting at home somewhat bored with the news, I went on a rearmament binge not seen since 1940. Several bright new toys have joined the Diploarmory in past few weeks. I might have mentioned some, but not others. I now have a VERY nice Nighthawk Custom Falcon .45 which shoots much better than I do. It competes with my Wilson Combat .45. I also added another Wilson EDC 9 to my collection as the Diplowife fell in love with the first EDC 9 and declared it HERS! She obviously was inspired by Beto. I also have purchased a Colt Delta Elie in 10mm which shoots extremely well; it had some feeding problems but those have gone away as I have broken in the weapon. Very accurate with a recoil not unlike that of a .45, except when I use some hot self-defense rounds. Wow! Also, as I might have mentioned, got two Ruger single action "cowboy" guns one in .45 and the other in .22 Mag. Both are a lot of fun. They pal around with my new Ruger SP-101 Performance Center 8-shot in .357. I was going to provide photos, but I am terrible at that sort of high-tech stuff. Just for kicks I am looking at buying a Remington RP9, as I want to see what's available for under $400. Anyhow, lots of ammo being blasted and fun being employed to cancel out the fake news noise.

Also on the fun side, I was delighted to see that ISIS despot Al Baghdadi got his reward, as did his number two. Here the fun, unfortunately, begins to merge with Crazy World. I found hilarious how difficult it is for the fake newsers and the DemProgs to acknowledge that this is a good thing, a very good thing. Instead they are focused on whether or not A.B., in fact, "whimpered" and "died like a dog." He's dead. Good. Wonderful. I wish all those other ISIS "austere religious scholars" go the same way.

As I have said before, however, if we are serious about fighting these killers, we have to start by not letting them into our countries. It seems odd that we are concerned about Jewish settlements in so-called "Palestine," but welcome Islamist settlements in the West.

Impeachment. There I said it. I hate the whole boring topic but can't avoid it. This is merely part 358 of the ongoing effort by the inhabitants of Crazy World to undo the 2016 elections. Crazy World has been trying to "impeach" Trump since before he swore the oath of office. Nobody can tell me what laws or Constitutional provisions Trump has violated; where are the high crimes and misdemeanors? Certainly none is in evidence in the transcript of the phone call--the real one, not the fake one that the execrable Adam Schiff "read" into the record. The one good thing about  the fake "impeachment" effort is that it cancels out the DemProg candidates. All the oxygen is being sucked out of the room, and nobody is listening to that panel of crazies seeking the highest office in the land.

Maybe that's the plan? The DNC hopes that nobody will focus on or even hear the craziness emanating from those loons? I guess that's a strategy, or what passes for one in Crazy World.

Back to my dogs, at least they are not crazy.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Party of Lynching Objects to the Word "Lynching"

Wait! What? The Demprogs are in another snit of outrage? Collective mind exploding? All because President Trump used the word "lynch" in describing the secretive and fraudulent "impeachment" process now underway by the Dems? We truly have entered the world of Lewis Carroll.

I assume the Dems are upset over some sort of copyright infringement by the President.

Let us remember that the Democrat Party is and has been the political repository of slavery, racism, secession, Jim Crow, anti-Semitism AND, yes, lynch mobs. The Democrats OWN the word and action. I have  written before (here, herehere) about the long, sordid, and continuing history of the Democrats and lynch mobs.

As noted in one of those linked postings,
In the old days, Democrat-led lynch mobs terrorized the rural South; today, Democrat-led lynch mobs terrorize all of urban America.
 I should add that they terrorize the political sphere as well. The Antifa thugs are the direct descendants of the old KKK thugs and form the armed wing of today's Democrat Party much as the Knight Riders formed that of the old Democrat Party.

The incitement to mob violence; the appeal to base instincts; the obliteration of due process and fact-finding; those are the hallmarks of that party, both then and now. Justice Clarence Thomas, commenting on his Senatorial confirmation process to the Court, called it "a high-tech lynching," and, lest we forget, he said that to none other than Senator Joe Biden. Thomas was victimized as Kavanaugh would be later by vague unsubstantiated charges from a liar.

The whole #MeToo and #BelieveAllWomen campaigns are nothing but polished up versions of those lynchings conducted by Democrats in the old South that resulted in hundreds of black men hanged, shot, beaten, or burned to death.

So the Democrats feel, think, insist that they have the copyright on the word "lynching"?


It's theirs. They own it. They earned it.

They even had a corrupt Attorney General by the name of Lynch.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

BREXIT Runs Afoul of the Deep State

I don't pretend to understand all the parliamentary ins-and-outs of the ongoing battle over whether to execute the people's will in the UK. What I do know is that in June 2016, the British people, to the horror and chagrin of the global elite and their "Deep State" allies throughout the bureaucracies and legislatures of the Western World, voted to have their country returned to the people and taken out of the hands of the Brussels corruptocrats.

I wrote in May of 2016 (here) that the,
force driving the pro-Brexit movement is not solely or even mostly about economics, or finance, or currency exchange rates. It is about something much, much more important. It is about reclaiming the soul of Britain; preserving and restoring that which made Britain, notably England, one of the world's greatest countries, a nation of stunning consequence. It is about deciding whether the great British traditions and innovations that have made our modern world are worth saving or should be discarded . . . 
For me as an outsider, a person with zero British blood, and no family ties to the UK (although I do like British cheese), what's driving the anti-EU movement in Britain is the need to save the country, or what's left of it. Perhaps without the EU and its courts and mandates, British common sense can prevail, and the UK be saved, or at least England--and if the Scots want to stay in the EU, they should have another referendum and swap London's "rule" for that of Brussels, that'll teach 'em.
That little bit of analysis holds true.

Ever since the British people voted to get the UK out of the EU's smothering embrace, the Remainers have launched a campaign, not unlike that of the so-called "Resistance" here in the States following Trump's 2016 victory, of sabotage and obstruction to prevent the people's choice from becoming policy.

I have said it before, the left loves humanity, but hates people.

The left is for the people except for when the people are not for the left. The left in the West has become the party and movement of the bureaucratic diktat; the "elites" who run the public and corporate bureaucracies, the entertainment and "news " industrial complexes, and the "education" machines have become, in the words of the great Thomas Sowell, "the anointed ones" possessed of a "revealed truth" which entitles them to lead the rest of us deplorable hillbillies out of the darkness and into the progressive sunlight--whether we want it or not!

Britain, following the Brexit vote, had the upper hand in dealing with the Brussels mafia. The UK establishment, however, decided that Britain was NOT to be independent, and that the British people still just had too much say in how the country should run. The imbecilic PM May went along with the nonsense put out by the Remainers that the UK needed to have a negotiated exit from the EU. Rubbish. Britain should have announced that it was leaving as of a certain date, stuck to it, and told the EU that any legacy issues could be negotiated after the UK had regained its independence. But, no. A series of complex and foolish "deals" were negotiated with the EU and put to the yahoos in the Parliament. The Parliament geniuses gummed things up badly, even declaring that Britain COULD NOT leave at all without a mutually agreed deal with the EU, thereby putting the power in the hands of Brussels and taking it from London.

I have never seen such resistance to national independence.

Well, it seems, that Boris "The Dude" Johnson, given a lousy hand of cards by his "own" side, still managed to negotiate a deal with the EU. I don't know if it was great deal or not; maybe Farage is right, I don't know. What seems to me, however, was that it was a deal that got the UK out, at least in principle. Any remaining issues, e.g., the Irish border, I assume, could be renegotiated in the future. Just establish the principle that the UK is out! But no. That does not seem to have happened. Further delay and obfuscation comprise the order of the day.

Maybe PM Johnson can pull it off. I, once again, don't pretend to know.

I, however, do know that I am horrified at how one of history's greatest nations has fallen into the hands of those who hate it so much that they trust the Mandarins of Brussels over their own people.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Hoax Marks the Spot & the Rush to Fudge

Can today's Democratic Party--the world's oldest political party--survive without employing hoax after hoax?

The election of Donald Trump severed whatever mooring to reality still existed in that old organization known as the Democrat Party. You all know the sorry story, but the highlights: The 2016 election just wasn't supposed to go that way. Hillary Clinton, one of the most venal politicians of our age, had to and was supposed to win! The polls said so; the right thinking pundits said so; Hollywood "geniuses" such as George Clooney said so; the universities said so; President Obama--the Nobel Prize winner--said so!

Yes, Dear Readers, Hillary Clinton would get her long-denied due, become president, and usher in an age of progressivist domination which had been only hinted at under the horridly corrupt Obama-Biden misadministration. The Demoprog machine pulled out all the stops: voter fraud on a massive scale involving not just the usual voting dead Democrats, or just ballot tampering and harvesting on a huge scale, but also getting perhaps millions of non-US citizens to vote Dem. The Dems relied on their vast domestic and international network for help, as well. They employed street thugs, foreign intel agents, and creepy international professors; even the government of Mexico called on its citizens in the US to vote for Hillary. The Dems used the power of Silicon Valley and of the US intel community as well as a motley mix of Brits, Aussies, Maltese, and, of course, Russians and Ukrainians to help cook up one of the greatest political frauds of all time, i.e., the Russian-Trump collusion hoax in order to discredit Trump. Didn't work. The "Deplorables" and the "Irredeemables" insisted on voting for Trump, and he won. NO!

Then the prog cry went forward for recounts in certain states that Trump definitely just wasn't supposed to win. When those recounts began to show his lead growing, they dropped that demand in favor of calling on electoral college electors not to vote for Trump. They had to drop that when electors began defecting from Hillary's camp. Then, even before he took office, Trump was subject to calls to be impeached; he was labelled a traitor, a Moscow lackey . . . and on and on. Nothing worked. The Demprogs colluded with the corrupt leaders of America's powerful intel and law enforcement organizations and the media echo chamber to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate the "obvious" collusion between Trump and Putin--after all, nothing else could explain Hillary's loss. After some 2 plus years of "investigation," Mueller drilled a dry well. No proof of collusion by Trump! It was, of course, all a grand hoax. A hoax almost as big as Climate Change--uh, almost that is, nothing quite matches that one.

The progs could not give up.

Trump had to be destroyed and his followers and supporters humbled, shamed, destroyed. For a while, they toyed with the debris of the Mueller investigation, trying to find this or that in the rubble to justify coming after Trump. Nah. Garbage. Then! Oh sweet Manna from Heaven! The Ukraine phone call and the WHISTLEBLOWER!!! They jumped on the report from the fake whistleblower--actually, as has become clear, they helped draft the fake report--in which it was breathlessly reported that Trump had--Horrors!--asked a foreign leader, President Zelensky, for a favor. The favor? To investigate Joe Biden, and in exchange we would provide Ukraine some sort of aid or another. Trump as gangland boss! Too good to be true? Yes . . . yes, too good to be true.

The administration, with the OK of the Ukrainians, released the transcript of the call; it was a fairly innocuous call with no "quid pro quo" and no request for Ukrainian interference in our 2020 elections. Nope. Trump, it turns out, asked for Ukrainian help in investigating foreign interference in our 2016 elections. Wasn't that something that the Demprogs were all for? What was the whole rationale behind the drawn out Mueller investigation if not that? But, but, you say, why ask the Ukrainians about "Russian" interference? Because, as it is also becoming increasingly clear, much of the so-called Russian interference in our elections seems to have come from operators in Ukraine.

It was panic time at Demprog HQS! Trump was asking for help in uncovering the origins of the fake Steele Dossier which, as we know, the Dems commissioned and which seems to have had a lot of sourcing from Ukraine, not Russia, but Ukraine. Trump's request of Zelensky combined with the impending reports by Durham and Horowitz on the origins of the Russia collusion story and the abuse of the FISA process could prove a disaster for the Demprogs.

No time for another drawn out Mueller-type probe!

Impeachment by any and all means, except by the ones prescribed in the Constitution and by law, but besides that, anything goes. The rush to fudge was on! Clarity must be avoided. They borrowed from the old Kavanaugh playbook: produce fake "witnesses" and keep'em coming. They borrowed from the Spanish inquisition and every other instance of Star Chambers since time immemorial: don't give the accused the right to a defense; don't give him the right to face his accuser; don't give his supporters in Congress the ability to speak and question the process. Above all they borrowed from the ol' Soviet "As is well known" leitmotif. I have written before how at the UN when we would hear a Soviet-bloc delegate state "As is well known," we knew that a lie was coming. This tactic has been and continues to be used, for example, in the Climate Change hoax wherein something is repeated and repeated until the listener assumes it must be true. Now on "impeachment," we hear "lawless," "violation of oath of office," "cover up," "treason," etc., without any underlying evidence produced to demonstrate that the charges have any credibility. Even "impeachment" is a hoax as there is no "impeachment" process underway as prescribed by the Constitution and law, as noted above. No time for that!

It is all a hoax.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Politics of, by, and for the Seriously Disturbed

Science. Settled. Progressivism equals mental disturbance. Being a progressive should qualify for one of those Red Flags (appropriate, eh?) that denies one ownership of firearms. Finally, a gun control scheme I can accept: no guns for Democrats!

These last few days have shown that mental disturbance in its full glory. First, of course, whenever one discusses mental disturbances, we perforce turn to Joe Biden. I have written before of this hoary politico (here and here, among other postings) and unveiled my view that he is, uh, not too bright--please, dear readers, I am trying to be kind. Over the years he has gone from a kinda goofy standard Dem corruptocrat to outright unwell, shall we say? He needs to leave the stage ASAP, go off and enjoy his millions.

He is the prime example of a Chauncey Gardner among the current crop of lunatic Marxists now running for president on the Dem slate. He is just there. No real reason. Just happenstance. He's there. Stands for nothing . . . well, except for getting very rich by being there. Got nothing to say. When the poor hair-plugged Sphinx does dare say something, almost anything, it is a lie, a convoluted fantasy, or just a plain old incoherent ramble that you expect to hear conclude with the phrase, "Mmmmm, pudding!"

The Dem machine, and I include the media, of course, has tried to protect ol' Joe from himself in the belief--perhaps not wrong--that as inane, corrupt, and disconnected as he is, he remains the best candidate the Dems have, the only "electable" one. Yeah, sure. But even that game is over. He is toast. Not even the huge media machine can protect him any longer. He, ironically, has been finished off by his friends trying to do him one last favor.

As you all know, the media ran lurid accounts of a mysterious and anonymous (of course) "whistleblower" who had revealed incredible evil doings by the Bad Orange Man in the White House, you know, the one who denied Hillary Clinton her rightful inheritance. President Trump mentioned the Bidens in a phone call! Oh the horror! It seems that this so-called President Trump had a conversation with the new President of Ukraine--how dare he!!!--in which the subject of corruption came up. This would not prove surprising, since the new Ukrainian president ran and won on a platform of ending the rampant political corruption in Ukraine. It seems that in discussing corruption in Ukraine the topic of the Bidens came up. No way around that.

You all know the back story. Joe served as Obama's "point man" on Ukraine and China. Not clear why (except perhaps as a way to make Joe rich), but he was "point man" on two countries of which he has no particular knowledge. Well, you see, ol' Joe has a ne'er do well son, by the macho name of Hunter. He got bounced from the Naval Reserve for drug use, has DUI arrests, and a bizarro personal life. He's ostensibly a lawyer but is in reality a kid living off his father's fame and position. Purely by accident, of course, Hunter got placed on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company--along with John Kerry's step-son--and paid somewhere between $50,000-$83,000 per month for his "advice." Mind you the kid has no expertise in energy or Ukrainian affairs. Nice job. He also has a billionaire contract from the Chinese government for his firm. All of these things happened right after Daddy visited Ukraine and China. You can read up on all the sorry details. Joe Biden has bragged openly about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating the firm that hired Hunter. It's all very embarrassing.

Now thanks to the mad prog insistence on going after Trump for allegedly "pressuring" President Zelensky to sabotage Biden, that torpedo aimed at Trump is--as with all the other ones put in the water by the lefties--circling back. Biden is in trouble. Suddenly his corruption is an issue. This might help explain why Obama tried to talk him out of running; that torpedo might just make contact with SS Barack. It now seems clear, especially after the Russia hoax, that Obama-Biden ran the most corrupt and dangerous administration in our history. I cheer for that torpedo.

I am also concerned with yet another sign of progressive mental disturbance. Some 16-year-old Scandinavian girl, Greta Something Swedish, is being hailed as a great beacon of clarity and moral purpose in pursuit of another ongoing hoax, Climate Change. I heard her speak at some fake panel, and while full of admiration for her English, I must conclude that we are witnessing either an ardent student of the Meryl Streep School of Acting or a seriously abused child. If she's not acting, I worry that she poses a danger to herself and others. Put her on suicide watch, at least. We have here a perfect example of a youngster programmed by some adults and sent forth much like we see Islamic child suicide bombers, or Mao's Red Guard, or the Hitler Youth.

The left is so mentally disturbed that they want to kill as many children as possible, in the womb preferably, and turn those who live into robots spouting nonsense and preaching death and destruction which can only be avoided by giving the Progs more power over all of our lives.

Give us your children! Your guns! Your cars! Your hamburgers! Your air conditioning! We will control all and ensure we all live good lives. All praise to Gaia!