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Sunday, May 22, 2011

False Prophets and the End of the World . . . A Few Candidates

The world did not end on Friday. I have crawled out from my bunker and find my snailmail and email mailboxes full of overdue notices.  Damn! Maybe I should not have ordered all that stuff from Amazon .  . . don't suppose they give a waiver for people who bought stuff thinking they would not have to pay for it . . . you know, like all the people who bought what Obama was selling in 2008.

OK, the media is having a laugh at the expense of some dopey fringe pastor from a fringe group who predicted the "end of the world," not really what he said, but close enough. This is good.  I think it is way overdue for the mainstream media to start mocking false prophets.  In this spirit, I provide a few more they could mock.

This could become an interesting feature for the media: False Prophet of the Month, maybe Simon Cowell could get FOX to do a new show . . . ?

Anyhow, here are some of my nominees in no particular order:

Al Gore:   Getting rich from predicting the end of the world: Prophet = Profit.

Henry Paulson/Tim Geithner/Paul Krugman:  Joint performance award for their predictions that the only way to solve the problems of a debt-ridden economy was to spend more and get further into debt.

Karl Marx/Joseph Stalin/Mao Tse-dung/Adolf Hitler: Duh . . .

Thomas Malthus:  The earth can do a lot better than he thought because people are really smart.

Nancy Pelosi: Predicted the Dems would keep the House .  .  . and that people would buy her "book."

World Wildlife Fund: Is there a species WWF has not predicted is on the "verge" of extinction? Name one non-renewable resource we have exhausted . . .

Union of Concerned Scientists: Is there a weather phenomenon which UCS has not attributed to global warming?  Whatever happened to the nuclear holocaust they predicted if we followed the policies of Ronald Reagan re the USSR? Did I miss that one? I really need to get out more.

Saddam Hussein/Dominique Strauss-Kahn/Osama bin Laden: The Americans can't touch me . .  .

Barack Obama: Obamacare will bring down the cost of health care, restore the economy, etc, etc., etc. . .

So many nominees . . . so little time . . .


  1. Thank-you for allowing me to pass on this warning for you to share with your readers. There is a man who's influence is growing in North America and he is teaching that Jesus became a sinner. His name is Dr. Jim Richards from Impact Ministries and video/audio proof of this heresy can be found here http://www.squidoo.com/jim-richards

  2. ....and you thought I was bad.

  3. Mr. Widemouth, speaking as an Evangelical Christian myself, I don't have to attend Jim Richards' church or pay money to his ministry, just as I didn't have to support Harold Camping.

    As for our blog host, kudos on Al Gore and the whole man-made global warming scaremongers. But, turning again to matters of faith, you really ought to take note that apocalypticism is a very good way to rally the troops.

  4. Just an aside, since I was reading Isaiah this morning, and noticed all the posts on Israel.

    The word which I had to reproduce to send my last comment was "bablee", or "Babylon" in Hebrew.