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Thursday, March 26, 2020

ChiCom Virus and the Left's Glee: Carter Energy Crisis Redux?

Looks like the Congress is going to pass that massive, $2.2 trillion (what does that sum even mean?) economic "rescue" package. We already see some Dems warning us that this is only the beginning and that more will have to come from the Feds to avert DISASTER.

Really? Last night I was mildly encouraged that the "rescue" thing would not pass, and would get hung up--as our Founders intended--in a complex game of checks-and-balances, with countervailing interests and demands nuking each other. But, alas! The Senate passed the monster kidney stone, and now it goes to the House of Reps for likely passage there.

Sigh . . . We don't need massive "rescue" packages from the Feds.

We need the Feds and the Staties and the Munis to get out of the way, re-open the economy, and stop suppressing our rights and freedoms. We are not in some horrid war wherein our homeland has suffered invasion. We do not face an existential threat from a virus. We face a virus, another one in a long line of viruses, apparently not more fatal than any other in the recent past; we can deal with this disease without destroying our society, without turning us into docile wards of the all-powerful and beneficent State, obeying the dictates transmitted to us by the so-called news media. By the way, if there is any existential threat, it comes from the draconian actions called for to "defeat" a ChiCom virus.

All nonsense in the pursuit of permanent damage to the USA and the West.

Folks, wash your hands; don't cough on people; avoid large crowds as much as possible; don't shake hands willy-nilly, but go back to work! This ChiCom virus will pass. Create! Produce! Invest! That's what this country does so well. We are not a nation meant for sealed bunkers, bunkers to which we have ceded the keys to the bureaucrats and the "experts."

We are not Eloi! There are no Morlocks--unless we allow them to take up residence here.

You and I, the ones with the gray hairs, have lived through this insanity before.

Remember the Great Energy Crises of the 1970s? We had then some calamitous leadership--Republican and Democrat--which bought the line that we were running out of energy; oil was finished; industry was dead; the "experts" and their media echo chamber told us that we had to ration, and, above all, to lower our standard of living. In particular, that uber disaster known as Jimmy Carter lectured us on our "national malaise," told us to wear an extra sweater, to turn off the lights, not to drive our cars, etc. I remember the barely concealed glee of the lefties of that era, as they predicted the end of capitalism, called for more and more power for the Feds, more programs, always shouting about THE IMMINENT END OF THE WORLD. It was all hogwash, political agenda driven hogwash. No insult meant to hogs.

It is happening again.

The media, the lefties, and the "experts" clearly want to keep the economy shuttered. They want widespread misery as some sort of comeuppance for our Gaia-defying greed and prosperity. They want to make the "workers," you and me, dependent on the State. Soon will come the calls to nationalize this or that industry, to prevent some businesses from ever opening. They will claim it's global climate change, that it's hunting, that it's gun ownership in Georgia, that it is Trump--of course--to blame. They will produce and distort whatever data needed to keep us in a constant state of anxiety and crisis. They will cite science, although they don't really believe in it--check their positions on the number of "genders" and whether the unborn are human--and accuse those of us who are skeptical of being anti-science, of being flat-earthers, etc. Well I say, let the insults commence, and let them roll off our backs like water on a duck . . . we will be wealthy and happy.

The "experts" and the bureaucrats made this mess, and now they pass huge budget-busting "rescue" packages to "save" us from the mess they made. The ChiCom virus did not shut down the economy, just as a real shortage of oil did not during the Great Energy Crises of the 1970s. It was the "experts" whatdoneit in both cases.

Mr. President, re-open the economy.  We will wash our hands. Promise.


  1. The run on toilet paper does in a way remind me of the gas lines in the 1970s...a decade I had hoped would never be repeated in any way.

    1. There were a few "runs" on the days following 9-11.

  2. 'we will wash our hands..... of these ridiculous communists in our midst'

    - reader #1482

  3. Without contact between each other, how can we aquire herd immunity?

    1. Exactly. the point of 'bending the curve' was not that we wouldn't get sick, but that we wouldn't all get sick at the same time. Might as well start letting some rural and suburban areas start getting sick already.
      [Disclaimer: not that kind of doctor]

    2. I suspect 'flattening the curve' is the new mediaspeak crap... Our medical research industry is definitely at work on mitigations and vaccines for this virus. We want to delay for the solution, not only to 'wait our turn to roll the dice' as the media would portray it.
      Positive outcome for the Gilead trial would be welcome news. Vaccine trial results would be even better. I'm not convinced a 12-18 month wait is in store for those. There are certainly some lags, but including a seasonal reduction, an accelerated vaccine schedule, and some mitigation medicines, this scary-but-not-statistically-threatening coronavirus may no longer even be scary.

      - reader #1482

    3. "...coronavirus may no longer even be scary." - reader #1482

      Yea and verily Let it be written--Let be said!
      Send forth our standard bearers, buglers, soothsayers,
      and wise guys too - Go Ye to all corners, even thy sh!t holes across the fruted plains, the barrios, the mosques,
      the 'hoods and all those Ships, still at Sea!

      ~~~Pass the Word~~~Pass the Ammo~~~
      ***~~~UNCLE SAM gots Pork~~~$$$
      ...AND HE KNOWS HOW TO use IT...

      $315,000,000 for State Department Diplomatic Programs

      Much More Here: Come n' get it ifn you can:


    4. It's play money anyways... not like people with certificates are lining up at Ft. Knox.

  4. And seriously.. this shelter-in-place business is slamming the barn gate shut right after the horses are out.
    If you want to prevent people from getting a virus, you shut those gates *before* everybody's already got it.
    So stupid-silly.

  5. I finally figured out where all that toilet paper is going. The Fed is buying it up to print all those trillions of dollars on.

  6. I agree that this shutdown is against America's values and best interests, but...those values and best interests are long ago in the rear view mirror. Nearly half of the population rejects all things American, save personal prosperity, and half of those have no concern or care for others. Common sense cannot be counted on to reduce virus spread and prevent the system overload the government is supposedly trying to prevent. I'm trying to be kind in my phrasing.

  7. paul vincent zecchinoMarch 30, 2020 at 8:49 AM

    Unfortunately, and as fully anticipated, The President yielded to Fony Fauci and the rest and extended the crackdown thru April.

    No doubt, somewhere around 19 April, los expertos will conjure new and yet 'scarier' reasons to extend the crackdowns indefinitely.

    $1200 checks for all notwithstanding, when people simultaneously run out of money and realize they've been hoaxed real good, the real fun will begin.

    Reopening the economy now will do it. The present crackdowns will put us into a Depression. People will cast about in search of blame. The pressniks will assist them in assigning all guilt to The President, as they are presently.

    Thank you for stating common sense to a world gone mad with neurotic fears over what amounts to a bad cold virus.

  8. I see the Dems/progs are talking about a 4th bill which please God will not happen. Some Republicans, thank God, are pushing back and saying that we need time to see what happens once the first three bills are implemented.